I Am Supercede PartII- Channel the Storm

by Cool105

He sits in his Ocha Room surrounded by the Orishas. Franchincense and Myrrh fill the air embracing the shrines of the Orishas adorned in their respective colors. In a deep meditative state, Enuk Acha braces for the monumental task at hand. To guide and bring before him the Orisha Elemental that has materialized thousands of miles away.

It's been at least 30 years since he last saw Americana. Thousands of miles from the asphalt jungle he knew as Prospect Park Brooklyn. 40 years since his first encounter with the Babalow that set him on the path of Ifa(the way). A then naive Luis Tomas, learned the ways of the Orishas through the Botanicas of Santeria. The more he learned, the greater his gifts became. Each gift strengthening his Ache'(universal life force pronounced achay). The strength of his ache' thus brought him closer to the Or ishas. The Great Elegua who governs the roads, opened the path and allowed Luis to become the condiut of the Orishas. His dreams and visions fortold a prophecy. The very name Enuk Acha came to him in a dream. It was difficult for him to understand his dreams in the beginning. Through his meditation the Orishas helped him to interpret these dreams. He would be faced with a Warrior of great power. His actions will be inherent to the warrior's survival in the early stages. He will enlighten the being to focus his power and turn the tables from wrong to right.

As word spread amongst his peers of his visions, he would fall victim to the lies and deceit of his own people in Santeria. Jealousy can be the most irrational of emotions. Enuk's ache' would subsequently alienate him and drive him to seclusion. Thus with every obstacle pushed aside by the Orishas, the path he travelled had brought him to this very moment.

In the shroud of night, amidst the thunder and lightning, stands the most awesome force of destruction the world will soon come to know. As he allows all of his senses to take in his newly found surroundings, the voice of Enuk Acha pierces the kaos. "My.......what a fine specimen you are indeed." He pauses, he doesnt speak. "We havent much time". The being hears what he cannot see. "If its answers you seek, I have them." Though still confused the being takes heed to the words spoken. "Follow my instru ctions and do exactly as I say, if you wish to live." Enuk's urgency was not in vain. He knew the boy was very weak before the transformation. He also knew the being had no idea how weak he himself was. For at full strength, the parkground where he stood could have truly been turned to rubble by his unbridled power. But Enuk still had to weaken him further. Now under his command, Enuk instructed him to take flight.

As he rose above the trees his speed increased before disappearing into the clouds. Over the clap of thunder you could hear his faint sonic boom. Enuk had sent him on a course circling the earth. "Now..... I do believe proper introductions are in order. Let's reveal you to our people" he said with a chuckle. Every region on earth is inhabited by a member of the Just along with several Beacons. The Just are priests of Ifa truly untainted by the vices of humanity. They are scattered about the world. Strategically positioned to lend aid at a moment's notice to the Warrior. Enuk Acha is the eldest of the Just. The Beacons have also been strategically place. The only unknowing participants, they are commonly found on the battle fronts around the world. They have within them the signal which draws the warrior to their cause. They won't understand what they feel when he approaches. But they will understand and will thank the heavens for him.

Guiding him at this great speed, he flew over every region of the planet, slowing enough only when he was in proximity of his people for his aura to be felt. Every Just felt his presence as he flew over. They knew it would be only a matter of time before one of them would heed the call to help the warrior. The Beacons were simply overcome with an unusual euphoric state when he was near. This "feeling" will be used to their advantage when the time comes.

Now with a final burst of speed, Enuk guided the now weaker warrior to the beach where stayed. He crashed him on the beach, not in the water. The water would invoke the change back to the boy and he needed to meet the mighty one face to face. Cautiously, he walked into the Ocha room lit with candles and Orishas in every corner of the room. In the center sat Enuk Acha in his meditative state. Vapor rose from his body as his body cooled. "You must be hungry...eat". In front of him was large plate sta cked high with smoke jutia slathered in corojo butter and a big jug of palm wine. "Please, replenish yourself, for the boys sake...you are now bound to your host, he cannot survive without you, nor you without him...I'm glad you're here". The warrior began to scarf down the food. "Very Good"...and with that said, Enuk came out of his meditative state, opened his eyes...and passed out.

(to be continued)

I Am Supercede PartII- Channel the Storm by Cool105

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