Weekend Love

by Lawrence Christopher

Introducing Earl Grey and Fiona Antoinette-Simone Taylor (FAST)

Fiona Antoinette-Simone Taylor’s flight arrived Friday afternoon at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. As soon as it was permissible, she texted Earl that she would be at his house instead of going to her own home which was another forty miles north of the city of Atlanta. Putting his phone away after reading the text; Earl felt a smile spreading inside. Every other weekend or so, Fiona returns to Georgia from her business travels.

When Earl arrived home, the television was on and watching Fiona who’s sound asleep on the couch. He went to the kitchen with the take-out order of fried rice with beef and chicken from P.F. CHANG's. He pulled out a couple of wine glasses from behind his bar and chose a sparkling rose’ from the cooler. After the table was set; time to wake his sleeping beauty.

Saturday morning sunlight illuminated the bedroom stirring the couple. They both welcomed the bright light, embracing it as they did one another. “Morning luv,” she greeted. “G ‘morning,” he responded. In tandem they descend to the kitchen and prepared breakfast. She whipped up her signature cinnamon pancakes, while he fried eggs, bacon and cooked some cheese grits. Their table conversation was at a fast-forward pace as they caught up one another on the past weeks’ activities.

In the afternoon they made a quick trip to a nearby mall for some unnecessary shopping. Walking around, they held hands like a long time married couple. Fiona modeled a half dozen pair of four inch heel shoes. Earl enjoyed the semi-private show. Men and women in the area admired and envied the attractiveness of the former Atlanta Falcon’s cheerleader performing in high heels.

Back home, Earl wanted to watch a movie while Fiona wanted to see a college football game. A flip of a coin decided that it would be football. Cuddled under a throw, they snacked on Boursin® cheese spread on Townhouse® crackers, with some Barefoot® Moscato wine. Before half time, the two were fast asleep.

Early evening, they couldn’t resist the call of their electronic devices and work. They promised one another to only work for a couple of hours. One of Earl’s Pandora® music channels played throughout the first floor of the open floor plan single family home. Earl seated at his desk. From there he could see Fiona at the dining room table with her acrylic nails clicking across her laptop keyboard.

The song If It’s Love performed by Kem began to play. Pretending to still be working, both of them listened intently to the lyrics “I need you here in my life, And we both know, that’s a hard thing to fight).” Neither of them was brave enough to look over to the other. The fear they both shared was the possibility of ruining a best friend relationship, losing their freedom and time to their other selfless causes and lives.

Dinner was a shared secret indulgence of burnt top crust pot pies. Conversation was of weeks to come. Hidden thoughts were of weekends together ahead. Well after midnight, they made it between 400-thread-count sheets.

Sunday morning, Earl woke to an empty side of his queen size bed. Fiona commented that it was too small for two. She had gone home. On her pillow, he found a note. “I’d rather have joy than to merely be happy. TTYL. Love you babe.” She signed it with a lip print kiss of Carol’s Daughter Candy Paint lip gloss.

Weekend Love by Lawrence Christopher

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