Sun of a Beach

by Lawrence Christopher

Introducing Earl Grey and Fiona Antoinette-Simone Taylor (FAST)

Returning from his Sunday morning errand run to buy a newspaper, Earl takes a seat at the black granite top island table in his gourmet size kitchen. At the stove and other stations around the spacious room, Lunesta is preparing steak, eggs and asparagus tips for her employer. Earl hired Lunesta on the recommendation of a co-worker. After meeting her for the first time, Earl thought better of his decision and wished he hadn’t allow the middle aged black woman in to his house. Of all other reasons; she w as too ethnic for his tastes.

“That was a quick trip.” Lunesta remarked.

“Yeah.” Earl tersely replied, not wanting to engage her in any conversation as he paged through the newspaper.

“Why don’t you have the paper delivered? “

“I like the drive.”

“Un huh. I mean it seems like the way you are and all, that you would have someone bring you the paper instead of you having to go out and get it and all.”

“The way that I am; and how is that?”

“Well, you know; I don’t mean nothin’ by it - but you seem like you always have somebody doing something for you. I cook for you. You got a maid who comes in and cleans your house. Hey, can she, what’s her name, Consuela; can she clean my dishes? I mean that is what she should be doing right.”

“For now, why don’t you continue to clean behind yourself?”

“Humph. I just think she should do all of her job, you know,” laments the woman who truly believes she shouldn’t have to wash a dish, pot or pan she used to prepare meals.

“Anyway, back to what I was saying. Besides Consuela, you have guys come and cut your grass and I heard someone call and left a message on the answering machine from Joseph A. Bank or someplace who said she was your personal shopper and that the jacket you ordered came in . . .” Lunesta offered.

Earl’s attention was multitasking between the newspaper captions and Lunesta’s ramblings and his decision not to hire Consuela’s cousin Lupe to be his personal cook. Lupe didn’t speak much English, which he could have dealt with since he’s fluid in speaking Spanish, French and some Cantonese. But it was his English that allowed him to understand the following . . .

Lunesta continues, “. . . like this Pampered Chef cookware, someone had to pick this out for you. This is some nice stuff. One of these days I’m going to get me some. But like I told my baby’s daddy; he don’t have to worry about you and me messing around because you have all these expensive things and you being single and all. . .”

Being a very fastidiously private person, Earl doesn’t care for his personal lifestyle and belongings to be a point of conversation of Lunesta and her baby’s daddy.

“Excuse me Lunesta, not to cut you off, but how are the steak and eggs coming?”

“Oh I’m finish. Here you are, Mister Grey. Will there be anything else?”

“Yes. You’re fired.”

Fiona Antoinette-Simone Taylor is called “FAST” as a nickname, but not by Earl. She was a born native of Sierra Leone, West Africa. Fiona has been considered fast since she was a quick learner to walk, read and write. She’s a PK (preacher’s kid), a Clark Atlanta graduate, and former Hooter’s waitress. Now FAST is constantly traveling either as a multilingual, full-time consultant for a global firm and as an Atlanta Falcons’ cheerleader.

With all of her academic and professional attributes; what Earl sees standing before him is a luscious, full bodied and dark colored beauty. She’s still wet from the North Atlantic Ocean of one of Bermuda’s many beaches. Earl enjoys the pallet before him; a rich dark chocolate hued Fiona, standing on rosy coral beads of sand, against a powder blue mid-day sky.

Earl is so glad that he followed his first mind to invite Fiona along for his island excursion. He sent her a greeting card with a roundtrip airline ticket enclosed for the two and a half hour flight from Atlanta to Bermuda. He didn’t know whether she accepted until she showed up at the boarding gate. From there, it was holding hands and smiles between them.

Instead of lying on her own beach towel, Fiona descends directly on top of Earl. Bringing her body to rest upon him, with her lips touching down fully on his; in response Earl brings his arms to envelope her. It has been a long time. Earl’s heart begins to swell, along with parts in his lower region. Earl loves Fiona and she loves him.

That is why she accepted the invitation. Fiona feels perfectly safe and respected when she’s with Earl. In her judgment Earl is the ideal man with whom to settle down. That is what has kept them apart as a couple and moving forward. Fiona isn’t ready to settle down, while Earl is more than ready and willing to be in a committed relationship. Instead, like Earl, Fiona dates socially. Although currently; she’s regularly being seen with one of the Falcon’s wide-receivers. Fiona thinks she should mention the relationship to Earl.

She breaks off the kiss and begins speaking at a whisper peak. With his thoughts and blood flow being divided; Earl finds it difficult to discern what she was saying. “You are thoughtful beyond measure. I truly appreciate this trip.” Her thick lingual accent mixture of French and the de facto Krio of her native country only sounds exotic in his ears. Suddenly an ALARM sounds in those very same ears.

It was Earl’s Smartphone sounding the alarming tone. He has a special ringtone for the residential alarm company service.

“Mister Grey, this is Ackerman Security. A break-in has been reported at your residence. Fortunately, a police patrol car was in the area and was able to arrive on the scene in time to apprehend the burglars. A man and a woman were found in your kitchen bagging your cookware.”

“SON OF A . . .”

Sun of a Beach by Lawrence Christopher

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