Miss Dee Opportunity

by Lawrence Christopher

Dee clenched the pillow firmly over the lower half of her face, with no concern of breaking one of her acrylic nails. The pillow acted as a muffler to keep her from screaming his name. Though she had allowed the rest of her body to give in to his whim and will, Dee felt she had to maintain control of her mind and mouth. As for Dee's body, it was reveling in the third orgasmic spasm of the long night. From her twisted toes, arched back and bit lower lip, Dee conceded to the oral pleasure. She thought, "okay, this is the last one," as she exerted her appreciation and bucked on the bed.

"Okay. Stop. Stop. Ooooo, please stop." Dee pleaded breathlessly. It was a reluctant and weak plea. Why? Because it had been years since she had such powerful orgasms, let alone multiple. No, she didn't want it to stop, but what else could she do? It wasn't right to feel this good at the hands, mouth and tongue of another man . . . a man other than her husband.

Robert simply refused to do certain things when it came to love making. Though he and Dee experimented with different love making acts, they fell back on the tried and true missionary position. When Robert wanted to be frisky, he'd have Dee get on her knees so he could hit it from the back. He'd smack her on the butt asking, "whose is it." Dee would respond in kind, "yours baby. It's all yours." Those were about the only remaining words of commitment that passed between the wedded couple of fifteen years.

Over the years, the love had faded and duty fueled the relationship. Dee loved Robert; she just wasn't in love with him. She wouldn't allow herself to question whether she ever was in love with the simple man, for fear of the answer. There was nothing she could do about it now. They had children, a house and time together.

Dee felt she could justify her transgression because of Robert's poor treatment of her over the years. There were rumors of his cheating on her, but nothing provable. Then there were the arguments and resentment about her career. Dee worked in corporate America. Robert worked in a factory. Success in Dee's line of work was based on winning million dollar contracts. The increase piece count of widgets is how Robert saw his assembly line job progress. Robert didn't understand why Dee would have to work late on a proposal, even when she would tell him the millions that the company could win. His response would be "how much do you get." Dee's pay wasn't commission based, but her raises came annually and in the amounts of thousands of dollars, not fifty cents every contract renegotiations like at Robert's job.

Dee would simply put up with the arguing from Robert and do what she had to do to maintain the success on her job. The job and the love of her children were all that she had to hold on to.

Marcus pulled back to kiss the inside of Dee's thigh where he then proceeded to plant a passion bite. Dee released a whence at the strong suction. Neither gave thought of the consequences of the mark being seen. Dee didn't perceive the likelihood. Marcus just didn't care. He merely wanted to leave his mark.

Who knew when or if he would have this chance again? So he wanted to make the best and most of the moment. It had already been a long night and Marcus had pulled out all of the tricks and love making techniques he had learned over the years. It was his plan to leave Dee well satisfied.

From the beginning of the night, Marcus kept a hand on Dee at all times, which was the initiation of his foreplay. He'd make a stroke of the inner side of Dee's arm or a concealed swipe across her thigh. A traced finger down her spine to the crest of her behind sent shivers through Dee. Marcus had teased and tormented Dee throughout the early part of the evening in such a manner. Once she reached his hotel room, Marcus was determined to release the sexual tension he intentionally built in Dee.

Once behind closed doors and out of the public's eye, Marcus's hands were more direct and bold. Dee walked in the lowly lit room. From behind, he grabbed a hand full of Dee's breast through the sheer material of her dress. With his other hand, he pulled Dee to him around her midriff. Then he let the hand trail down to her crotch. Dee quickly chased his hand to join it there. It wasn't to protest. She wanted to hold on and guide. Marcus didn't need a guide. Between Dee's legs was familiar territory, though he had not traveled there in twenty years.

Her thighs were still firm, thanks to kick boxing lessons. Between her thighs were warm, thanks to Marcus' experienced and warm hands. Dee cooed moistened and softened at his touch. Swiftly, Marcus spun Dee around pressing her up against the wall. Surprised, but confident that she was in good hands, Dee followed Marcus' lead. Marcus unzipped the little black dress Dee wore. Underneath was only a pair of thongs. With just a few wiggles over her ample behind, the garment was allowed to fall to the floor. Starting at the nape of neck, Marcus planted soft kisses, trailing them across and down Dee's back. The trail of kisses led to the small of her back and the top of her lavish hillocks.

Marcus knelt to give praise to the ebony booty. Just as he began, he continued to plant soft kisses over the entire expanse of Dee's derriere. This was a new approach for Dee. She liked it. Her knees weakened as Marcus outlined her behind with licks of his tongue and made advances along the curvature of her cheeks. This was a new approach for Marcus. He liked it. His heart rate quickened as he felt Dee push back in response to his homage. However new for Dee and Marcus this experience was, they were not new to each other.

See, Marcus and Dee were high school sweethearts. Yes, the perfect couple, so everyone thought. Marcus was the head drum major of the Bulldog's Marching 100 Dancing Band and Dee was the head majorette. The two teenagers danced to and made music on and off the football field. They were young and in love. Marcus bought candy and flowers for Dee. Dee wrote love letters and poems to Marcus. Every day after school, Marcus would walk Dee home carrying her books. They were so sweet and innocent.

The first time the couple made love was the night the Bulldogs won the state football championship. Emotions were riding high and it only seemed natural for the two lovers to have celebratory sexual encounter. The game took place out of town so the students were staying in a hotel. They made arrangements with their roommates to allow them to have a room to themselves. And they loved for the first time like it was the first time. Now the two lovers had another way to express their devotion.

Graduation from high school came and the couple had plans to attend Ohio State University together. That was until Marcus' mother suffered a massive and debilitating stroke. His father had left the family years earlier. So that only left Marcus to stay home to nurse his mom while Dee went away to school. The young lovers vowed to stay in touch and remain true to one another. They did, for the first few months.

The letters sent between them became few and far between. Dee became difficult to catch up to for phone calls. Marcus assumed Dee's studies were the reason why, until he made a surprise visit to OSU's campus. Dee wasn't at the dorm when Marcus arrived. Dee's roommate let him in to wait for her in their room. There, Marcus discovered a Polaroid photo on Dee's dresser mirror of her and a shirtless football player hugging. Marcus didn't even bother to confront Dee about the photo. He left without seeing her.

Dee's calls and letters Marcus refused to accept or answer. On holidays, Dee would return home, but was too embarrassed to go see Marcus. After Marcus' mother's life passed, he moved away to Kentucky where he had other family. In Lexington, Marcus began working at a national chain department store, where he met Peggy Ann a cashier. They dated and quickly married. At work, Marcus was a go-getter and on the fast track: head cashier, front office manager, and then department store manager to regional sales director. Peggy Ann had become a head cashier and was content with the position for her self-satisfaction, but she manufactured in her mind that she was an embarrassment to Marcus.

The married couple often fought about Peggy Ann's misgivings. Marcus told her that he loved her no matter what she did and as long as she was happy. But that wasn't enough for Peggy Ann. She would attend fewer and fewer of the events and parties Marcus had to go to because of his position. Marcus was on the road a lot traveling throughout Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio. When Peggy Ann could go, she found an excuse not to. Peggy Ann began drinking alcohol heavily while Marcus was away becoming more and more withdrawn.

This caused Marcus to have to deal with a bout of his own depression. His only relief came from his vigorous workout in his in home gym. He managed exceedingly on his job, but at home he was a failure and helpless in solving his marital problems. To make matters worst, Marcus received an announcement in the mail for the 30th Anniversary and Uniform Pledge Drive for the Bulldog's Marching 100 Band. The invitation was extended to all the past and present members of the band. Marcus thought the chance to take Peggy Ann with him to his reunion would give them a break from their day to day and to prove to her that he was indeed proud of his wife.

Much to his dismay, Peggy Ann saw the reunion as an opportunity for Marcus to brag to his old classmates about his job and to see old girlfriends. On the contrary, Marcus had planned to play down his career success and as far as girlfriends, there was only one; Dee. Peggy refused to go along. Marcus wanted to get away, needed to get away and saw Peggy's refusal to join him as a missed opportunity for them to clear up some of their marital problems.

Robert pretty much said the same things to Dee when she asked him to go to the reunion with her. He said that he wouldn't know anyone and it would be a chance for her to see old boyfriends. Dee countered with, "then why would you want me to go by myself if you are worried about old boyfriends." "You do whatchu gotta do, that's all I have to say about it," was his reply. Dee knew that was Robert's way of trying to reverse the situation. She knew that she had always been faithful and true to her vows, despite the many advances she received. It was Robert who had the mantra of infidelity humming in his head. Because of his lame attempt of insinuating that she was going to the reunion to see old boyfriends, Dee was more determined than ever to go and to look her best.

She spent the morning of the reunion getting her hair styled and nails touched up. She bought a new little black dress that told the indisputable truth of how physically fit she was. The pampering and preparation for the reunion didn't take Dee's mind off her marital wows. She so much wanted to have Robert join her, especially if Marcus showed. With Robert arm in arm with her would be Dee's shield against any feelings that still lingered for Marcus. More importantly, she wanted Robert there because she did love him and wanted to prove it by being proud to be on his arm. Instead, a missed opportunity to for Dee to show Robert that she was devoted to him.

Marcus drove to his former hometown the day before the reunion and spent the night in a downtown hotel. Going to bed early was his intent, feeling a little anxious over the possibility of seeing Dee again. He had hoped that she would have gotten fat after having children. Yes, he kept some tabs on her from afar. Those tabs told him differently, Dee looked as pleasing as she ever did back in high school. The early to bed for Marcus was put off also by the late night phone call from Peggy Ann to nag him about leaving her alone when he didn't have to. She asked if he had company . . . if he had seen any old girlfriends yet. All Marcus could do was answer no and listen to his drunken wife's rants.

The morning of the reunion, Marcus phoned his wife bright and early, but there was no answer. He decided to rid his mind of any ill thoughts and bad feelings. By turning his cell phone off, eating a big breakfast and finding a barbershop was on his agenda for the morning. Marcus knew that the decision to turn off his cell phone would come back to haunt him. For the temporary piece of mind Marcus felt it would be worth it.

The Bulldog band member reunion was held in the old high school field house. This place held many fond memories for those in attendance. The bleachers were practically filled with the young and old folks, the current and former students, friends and family of those invited. The packed field house was bustling with chatter and greeters of old friends. Dee and Marcus entered on opposite ends. Dee met up with an old girlfriend in the parking lot. Marcus was pulled aside by an old music teacher who he hadn't seen in twenty years.

The reunion program was outlined with music and dance performances by the current high school band members, updated with the latest dance moves and hip-hop songs. There was an old school salute, performed by former band members. Then came the time for the program host to give recognition to special guests and attendees. Former band directors were recognized. A voting poll was taken for the most popular drum major and majorette of all-time. From opposite sides of the assembly, Marcus and Dee approached the podium to receive their plaques.

When Marcus saw Dee for the first time in twenty years, he swallowed his gum. She had not changed. Dee bit her lower lip with an exclaim of "damn, how could Marcus have manage to get even finer after all these years." There was a hesitation in both their steps as they gave each other the expected and long awaited welcome hug. Those in the bleachers who remembered the couple back in high school gave an ovation and an emotionally filled cheer. Marcus and Dee felt the vibes and weren't sure how to respond.

Dee took the lead and reluctantly let loose her embrace of Marcus's toned torso. What Dee knew was that the community in which she lives is a small one, where gossip, and rumors run rampant. There was an after party at nearby Club 101. Dee and Marcus showed up at the club with separate groups. As much as they tried to avoid one another, circumstances brought them together. They sat across from the other at a small table.

"Where's your husband?" asked Marcus, calculating the odds of him showing up.

"He's at home with the kids." Dee replied, flattered that Marcus cared enough to ask around about her marital status. Or he could have just noticed the double-banded wedding ring with a two-carat solitaire diamond. "Is your wife at home with your kids?" Dee curiously asked.

"No. She's at home with a headache." Admitted Marcus who was tired of making excuses.

"Oh." Dee detected Marcus' unhappiness and decided not to pry. Changing the subject, "so what kind of work do you do?"

Not wanting to break form, Marcus gave a humble reply, "I'm in retail sales. And you?"

Not wanting to demean a black man, Dee gave a humble reply, "I'm an assistant."

Missed opportunity for the couple to engage in some knowledge sharing that would benefit both their careers. The two danced around the details of their jobs not wanting to outshine the other, thinking of their spouses. Instead they took their dance to the dance floor. There, Marcus allowed the mixture of the Long Island Iced Tea and Dee's perfume to intoxicate him. During a slow dance, it was too late when Marcus realized that he had pulled Dee to him too closely and allowed his hands to rest fully extended on her hips. Marcus made light flirtations and intended touches to arouse something in Dee.

Dee didn't mind the take control attitude Marcus was showing. What she really liked was being in his arms again. Dee had nothing to drink, so she could not blame her subtle kneading and massaging of Marcus' build on being under the influence. It was simply her desire to hold her first love again. It was her suggestion to go to Marcus' hotel. Marcus was surprised but nonetheless pleased.

They went their separate ways once they left the dance floor. Marcus made a tour around the club saying his good-byes and goodnights. A half-hour later, Dee would do the very same thing, as planned. One of the women asked Dee for a ride home, which caused a slight panic. Another woman came to Dee's rescue and said she would take her. Dee arrived at the hotel and went straight to Marcus' room without stopping at the front desk to ask directions. She made her way with no aid. When she reached the floor where she was to get off, the last hesitation came and went. The deciding factor to step out of the elevator car and knock on Marcus' hotel room door, was to not miss the opportunity to experience a moment of happiness once again.

Miss Dee Opportunity by Lawrence Christopher

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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