My Boyfriend's Back

by Lawrence Christopher

Sonia sat listening to the sound of her biological clock ticking. It grew louder with each passing birthday. It was now half pass twenty-eight years and the sweeping hand was steadily making days pass. The annoying internal tick tock, tick tock Sonia would gladly exchange it for the sound of a babyís cry for its milk. The possibility of that was slim, but not impossible. The appointment with the adoption review board last week looked promising. At least Sonia and her mate felt the board was empathetic to their appeal. A trip to the Laundromat was what Sonia thought she needed to help sort matters in her life while she sorted her clothes.

Robert was in the Laundromat for functional purposes only. He had nothing else clean to wear and it was going to be a busy week ahead. This weekend was his last opportunity to wash and dry his clothes. Along with everything else, Robert did not care for doing laundry. His roommate usually drops their clothes somewhere where they wash and fold. Robert did not know which Laundromat it was and he was desperate.

He stood at the washer preparing to drop a load of clothes in when he noticed a piece of garment left behind by the last user. He reached in a pulled out a pair of womenís underwear. The sight of them, the holding them unleashed a flood of suppressed memories of the last time he had been with a woman. As he felt the damp silk material with his fingertips, he recalled the collection of panties he used to collect as mementos of each conquest. A smile came to his face.

The panties in hand, Robert placed a hand between each leg opening, spreading his fingers to expand them. A lace trim bordered the expanse of the leg openings. If there was one thing that truly sexually excited him, it was to see panty lines on a woman. It did not matter what the woman was wearing, a business suit, dress, pants, as long as he could trace that particular line he would follow it to wherever it lead. The panties he was now holding were a size seven. Robert envisioned the woman who might fit the delicate apparel.

"Excuse me, I believe you have something that belongs to me."

Robert turned red faced towards Sonia who received him with a wry smile. She had been watching him long enough to read what was probably going through his mind. Robert on the other hand wondered how long she had been standing there. He began fumbling the panties and his words over to her.

"I Ė I am so sorry. I Ė I was just, just . . ."

"Just wondering what I looked like in those panties?"

"No! I mean, well maybe."

"And why would you want to know that?"

The answer to Soniaís questions was not Robertís first priority. He wondered why she asked. To by him some time and as a defense mechanism he through a question back at her. His mind was flipping back to his player days when he was sharp with retorts for women he was pursuing.

"Why does it matter to you?"

Sonia had been out of the courting game for some time herself, since she started living with someone. She missed the rush of uncertainty and the mental sharpness she prided herself of having when it came to combating men and their lines. The challenge at hand was unlike any previous for her. It was not in a bar and this guyís pickup line was her panty. Keeping guys from getting to first base with her was easy. Robert had got to touch home plate without even a swing at bat.

"Oh, I wanted to know whether to call the attendant to report a strange man whoís taking womenís panties and playing with them."

"Taking womenís panties. I would have to tell the attendant that you left these here for me to find, to get my attention."

Robert was feeling good that he had not lost his quick wit. He saw Sonia as attractive with her girl next-door facial features. Robert knew that she was much prettier once she let her hair down from the ponytail and highlighted a few areas with some makeup. He always appreciated the natural beauty in women and made the women feel it. He could see that Sonia was interested in him as much as she tried to keep from showing it.

Sonia attempted to hold back a smile brought on by Robertís last words, but the dimples in her face gave her away. She looked at Robert with measuring eyes. He was a nice looking man even with his dark features. His athletic build was something Sonia was attracted to. She liked having a man who would physically dominate her, but not abuse her. From the way Robert handled her pair of delicates, that he knew how to be gentle. Now that she had his attention, now what?

"Now that I have your attention, now what?"

Robert arrived at the restaurant a half-hour early. The anticipation of Soniaís arrival was driving him wild. It was her suggestion that they meet for dinner, promising Robert the chance to see her in the panties he found in the washer. What did she mean? Robert asked himself. He sought the answer in several shots of gin, actually hoping it would numb his thinking and enhance his physical performance in anticipation of what the night may bring.

Guiltless guilt was what Robert was feeling. He knew deep down in his loans that his only interest in Sonia was sexually. He did not feel guilty about it. It had been a while since Robert found a woman sexually motivating. Women appeared more interested in satisfying themselves than they were in satisfying him. Robert was not alone in this assessment; his roommate felt the same way. Finding women insipid the two of them imposed a hiatus from dating. This was the first date for Robert with a woman in four months. The wait may have been worth it. On his first night out, Robert may find himself in bed.

If Sonia had anything to say about it, Robertís chances were better than average. As she entered the restaurant she spotted the table where he sat. Slowly and sure footed, Sonia walked toward him. She stopped to check herself in a mirror, turning to give Robert a profile view of her in the tight fitting polyester pants she wore.

Sonia believed foreplay should start before you get to the bedroom. It was in her mind to end up in the bedroom with Robert that night. She missed having a man take her in his arm and take charge of her. That is what she wanted and what she intended for Robert to do. Before heading to the table Sonia could tell he was looking at her. To capture his attention even more, she pivoted to give him optimum view of her most pronounced features. Robert was helpless when he saw the etching of panty lines beneath the tightly stretched material.

"Do you like?"


"As promised. I said that I would let you see me wearing them."

"Really? How do I know those are the same pair?"

"Iíll guess youíll have to take my word for it . . . unless."


"You want to see for yourself."

After dinner, the couple went to Robertís condo for the unveiling. Robertís roommate was out of town on business. A New Age CD played low in the background. Robert poured them both some wine before he took his seat on the couch. Sonia stood with her glass in hand as she surveyed the condo.

"Nice place. Neat."

"We try."

"We? Oh, you and your roommate. What does he do?"

"Heís a buyer for Bloomindales."


"He travels quite a bit, for weeks at a time."

"When is coming back?"

"Not for a couple more days."

"I see. So itís just you and me. How many bedrooms?"

"Three. The third we use as an office."

"May I see?"


The couple traced off to the back of the condo. Robert was feeling more and more confident that tonight would be the night that he would get more than a first hand glance at Soniaís panties. He watched her hips with their deliberate swing as she traipsed down the hall.

Sonia could feel his eyes on her. She knew it was just a matter of timing for her to find the appropriate moment to show Robert her panties, then eventually come out of them. The place was just ahead on the right, across from the office.

"So this is your room?"

"Yep, my sanctorum."

"A queen size bed. Plenty of room."


"May I?"


Pausing at the foot of the bed, Sonia thought that this was the right time. She unfastened the button at the front of her pants and slowly pulled them over her hips with a slight seductive wiggle. With her aerobic training, it was easy for Sonia to bend to her ankles to step out of the pants.

Robert watched the performance with eager eyes. After stepping out of her pants, Sonia place fingers underneath either side of her panties to smooth and align them over her wide soft butt cheeks. With amorous appreciation Robert looked on as Sonia climbed into his bed.

"This is nice," Sonia complimented as she slid her hands across the comforter. She laid on one of the pillows, placing her hands beneath it. Crossing her legs at the ankle, Sonia was now comfortable and ready. "Are these the same panties?"

"I suppose."

"Why donít you have a closer look."

There was a fleeting moment of hesitation, before Robert moved towards his bed and awaiting Sonia. He sat beside her and gently placed his hand on her behind. He firmly squeezed the underlying cheek with a determined grip. Sonia moaned softly with acknowledgement. As he had done earlier that day, Robert placed a hand in both panty leg opening and spread his hands to cover as much of Soniaís bottom he could. He began a firm knead of Soniaís flesh, which brought another moan from deep inside her. The moans where enough of a signal from Sonia. Robert climbed into bed naked and intending to satisfy both of their hot wanton desires.

After they had an extinguishing intercourse, Sonia laid her head on Robert, pillowed by his chest. It was different this time for Robert. Sonia was an active participant and not a dormant receptacle. He looked forward to another go round with Sonia to validate his opinion. Sonia was quite content. Robert was not as take charge as she would have liked but he was sufficient. She had been satisfied. She thought that the next time could be better, more intense. The next time being that night, because Sonia had no intentions of ever seeing Robert again.

Robert had rejuvenated his loans to the point of another encounter. He began kissing Sonia with more earnest than previously. Sonia responded with matching intensity. The passion had groan to a point of a sexual fevered pitch. Suddenly a cry came out. It came from neither Sonia nor Robert.

"What the hell is this?" It was Robertís roommate.

"Tony!" Robert replied astonished.

"What is this?"

"I can explain."

"I know you can and dam will."

"Just give me a minute."

Tony stormed out of the room. Robert sat on the side of the bed with his head in his hand.


"What is it?" Sonia asked.

"Iíll explain when I come back. Iíll be right back."

Robert grabbed his pants and quickly put them on. He didnít bother with his shirt; he simply carried it out with him. Sonia could hear the yelling through the closed door.

"Well mister, start explaining."

"Tony, itís not what you think."

"Iím listening."

"I, I, met her at the Laundromat. We just hit it off."

"Oh my goodness. You meet some tramp and you bring her home and fuck her. How long has this been going on?"

Robert knew the truth would anger Tony even more. He contemplated a lie, but there was no time to think of something to have Sonia collaborate. The truth would have to do and he would have to withstand the consequences. Robert wondered what angered Tony more; was it his sexual dalliance or that it was with a woman?

They had been lovers for over a year; Tony a declared strictly gay man, Robert considers himself bisexual from the standpoint that he had been with women before coming out. He did not define his sexual preference clearly to Tony. Robert still had his fantasies to contend with. Being with Sonia was the fulfillment of his fantasy. Now he had to explain.

"So Robert, are you trying to find yourself?"

"Tony, you know my past. Itís not like Iíve never been with a woman before."

"So, what are you saying?"

"I, I had an urge. Thatís the only way I can explain it."

"What does this mean to us?"

"Nothing. It was okay, but I know what I am and she doesnít even know."

"How are you going to explain this then."

"Iím not sure."

By the time Robert got the courage to enter the room, Sonia was fully dressed. She did not let on that she had heard a word the two men had exchanged. But she had heard every word. Sonia was not interested in an explanation, instead she thought to spare Robert the anxiety. As soon as he entered the room, Sonia bolted past him, waving off his attempts to stop her.

"I donít know whatís going on and I donít want to know. Just donít bother calling me again."

Robert thought better of trying to stop Sonia, though he did want the opportunity to explain. But he did not know what to tell her. He had lied to Tony. He did enjoy the sex with Sonia and felt an attachment, even if they had just met. Could it be possible that he was more interested in women than he allowed himself to believe? He did not have Soniaís phone number nor did he know where she lived. If he ever were to see her again, it would have to be by chance at the Laundromat.

Sonia drove home with a smile on her face during the entire drive. In her mind, she could not have planned it any better. She had satisfying sex with Robert as she wanted, hopefully getting pregnant during the intercourse. She had lied to Robert when he asked if she was using any pregnancy prevention. He did say that he was not looking to be a father yet. If she were pregnant, she would not look to Robert for anything. All Sonia wanted was to have a child, not the father of the baby to take care of her and the child. When she opened the door to the apartment, her roommate Jenny was sitting on the couch.

"Youíre home early. I didnít expect you till late if not morning. Did everything go okay?"

"Great!" Sonia walked over to the couch and kissed her roommate passionately on the mouth. "In time we will know just how great. We might be parents soon enough."

My Boyfriend's Back by Lawrence Christopher

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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