by Latrina Charmaine Watkins

She thinks that all that matters Is what he thinks.
And the truth is it's not really
her fault that she thinks these things.
It's society that links her worth to the 
shortness of her skirt
Her life was destined to this path through her birth.
She works for his attention until she gets it
They meet 
Then theres kisses & hardships
there is no room for a stable relationship.
THen when he feels he's had enough
she obedientley packs up all of her stuff
& goes back to the grind
& It's just a matter of time before time repeats itself,
& she'll be back to disrespecting herself.
For the life of me i just can't understan how
A woman can be valued through her association with a man.
It's ashame that are young balck females were even dealt this hand.
Everyday in her life is like taking
a risky step in quicksand in the desertlands of afghanistan.
The things that i discuss
do you truly undestand?
I'm not saying that our young black men dn't have it bad,
but they are appreciated for the number of women that they degrade
& the amount of illegitimate babies that they make and don't raise.
Those type of childish way's should never be praised.
Where is the love?
Is it in the drugs that she transports for the the thug
that is allowing her to sleep on his rug?
Or maybe it's in the pain she feels when her "pimp" slaps her in he face,
because she is all up in another mans face...
There is no love in this life that she's living,
& no compassion present in the men and the nonsense
that she constantly puts up with just to keep on "living".

She by Latrina Charmaine Watkins

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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