A Time to Kill...and Be Set Free

by Latorial Faison

This here is indeed a fine time
as fine a time as any
to kill that noise
collect some poise
and carry this thing
this color blind love game
into a melting pot of a new millennium
where we define mankind
as one that boldly breaks
this ugly and horrific bind
of a past that leaves us to shed a tear
around this same time
every year

This here is indeed a fine time
a blessed time
no doubt the best time
to remember the inhumanity of man
white folks had a plan
for this new world
their new found pearl
that had to be shaped and sculpted
by the best hands
those of the Black man
It's time to kill that noise
collect some poise
in this new and hopeful day
where we grow
and stay
just like we've known each other
and recognized, and sympathized
with a time to kill
the noise of a brutal past
these hateful hearts cannot last

Can't you hear it?
Loud . . . courageously clear
"Set me free from this heinous history!"
lives covered in masks of mystery
as we've melted and meshed
let the power hungry inhabitants
become the honored guests
of rich, new luxurious lands
possessing the secrets
of new and infinite plans
to include the shades of
black, white, yellow and red
we've given birth to a spirit once dead
a new way of life, without strife
where we all just
"get along"
without doing harm
to each other
because they've told us
that we really are
we truly are brothers

It's time to kill
that disdainful notion
drink from this cup
a reuniting love potion
because we're here to stay
in a new city
it's a new day
and we've come together
in mighty ways
and it's a phase
we'll all go through
just like it's something new
every year
we'll hear it there
we'll see it here
this same time of year
we celebrate a historical thing
the upward mobility of the Black man
a history once bound and chained
finally set free with souls to live again
on this chosen day we recognize
that fate has been baptized
thrown from wretched slave ships
to revisit the land of the living
where we stare at one another
half-way forgiving
for a past we never were meant to see
one so full of history
let it be . . . just simply be
a time to kill
that negative
get-us-nowhere noise
and be set free.

A Time to Kill...and Be Set Free by Latorial Faison

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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