They, Trouble, Me

by Latorial Faison

They bring the melancholy out in me
the absolute pain and misery
the mistake of my existence
because of a simple girl child
and her man friend's persistence
a city slicker's blood runs in me
my veins . . .  just bursting with trickery
can't wait to do my next deed
turn someone's low energy into speed
they . . . call me . . . trouble
because I burst bubbles
with my tongue
my sharp, echoing tone
leaves em' stung
they can't handle the melodies I bring
and the troubled lyrics my soul sings
because I'm me . . .  a troubled entity
and folks knew all the while
but kept walking around in denial 
they had to know I'd be me . . . eventually
that all the truth would come to show
in whose footsteps I'd grow
I crawled, walked and talked . . .  straight into me
quite complex . . . I've grown to be
despite meager beginnings and history
but they won't see the difference
in the color of the leaves budding from my tree
deep blue like the raging sea
dark as the veins that tarry in me
waiting for the next heavy rain to come
to drench me, rinse me . . . help me maintain the calm
while they

They, Trouble, Me by Latorial Faison

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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