In Search of a Tavis Smiley Contract!

by Latorial Faison

Have you heard the latest
the truth in its entirety
BET has lost a great thing
in our brother Tavis Smiley

We can't sit her idle
just loving the remaining vibes
We've got to petition this thing
let em' know we're alive

This is yet another ploy
to keep black folks out of the books
but Tavis's track record speaks for itself
Just take a good look

He mediates with authority
He's critically acclaimed
because of  this brother's articulate skills
BET has acquired fame

Tavis is simply this . . .
our modern day Dr. King
when he speaks, the black community listens
a child can understand his meaning

So brothers and  sisters
I implore you to fight
what they've done to Tavis
just ain't right

Let's take our good sense
and put it to use
so that we can watch BET
and see more than misuse

We're a smart people
who love a good time
but let's not compromise our morals
and leave a good man behind

Tavis is true to life
let's thank him for being just so
Get your emails, pen and paper
pull Tavis back into the "KNOW"

I've written Tom Joyner
because I know he's concerned
but from this situation 
we must simply learn

That until we can maintain
our strength as a people
the white networks will never really
treat our shows as equals

Let's call on history
the facts will pull us through
Let's get Tavis his job back
we've got work to do!

In Search of a Tavis Smiley Contract! by Latorial Faison

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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