Was The Love I Saw In You Just A Mirage?

by Bro. Larry X.

what happened to the love we used to share
back in the '70's?
the tender loving care 
shared between you and me?
with James Brown saying it loud,
black was beautiful, baby.
slapping five on the black hand side
things was alive.
talking jive 
while the soul music vibes filled the air
along with summertime bar-b-queing,
what happened to the love we used to share?
little girls double dutching,
little boys playing momma's peg;
black women wearing afro's,
black men too proud to beg.
one big ghetto family;
big, black fists pumping black power!
still had black businesses in the community
neighborhood still had some power.
we had block units united to bring forth unity
but, now days a syndrome of fear
permeates our communities.
as hoodlums terrorize 
talking 'bout how their a "G"
and crackheads steal everything 
from everyone in the family.
our sisters don't wear afro's
they're wearing extension braids;
won't be long before they get that cream
to look a brighter shade.
while the brothers sell their soul
to get some of that green/gold;
prospering individually, 
but suffering as a whole.
we used to share much love,
now we stare at each other cold
because we shun our own true nature
and try to fit in anothers mold.
so now the love we used to share
has become camouflaged;
was the love i saw in you only a mirage? 

Was The Love I Saw In You Just A Mirage? by Bro. Larry X.

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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