She's Comin Out

by EnspyreMe/PowetickJustis

She tied herself down
for such a long time
conforming to what
society says she should be
She rolled her hair at night
did facial masks and foot rubs
When inside the only mask she wore
was gender
Short cheerleading skirts, pom poms and bubble gum
Twirlin long painted finger nails
thru Beverly Johnson Weaves
It's so funny how this
wasn't who she knew she was meant to be
After years of hiding pain
And pretending to love flirting with all the guys
She could no longer hide the warmness
that she would feel inside
When Kayla looked at her
There was an unspoken truth
Something both of them knew
When they talked it was as if 
they'd known eachother before
In another way that scared her
Because she's supposed to like boys
Supposed to melt at thier touch
And shiver with their words
But Kayla's eyes made her smile
Turn red with delight
She kept her up on the phone
All day and all night
Soon Kayla became her world
And she ignored the rest of society
She came out of the skirts and lip gloss
And into braids, Girbauds, and fitted caps
She felt so comfortable in her skin
now that she cried for herself no more
She let go all her worries
and continued to love Kayla more
People joked, jived and laughed
When they walked by holding hands
They gawked at the fact that
this female thought she was a man
Her family left her alone
hung their heads in disbelief
But she couldn't fight it anymore
This was the way it had to be
It didnt' change much to know
she preferred breast over pecks
But others didnt see it so and
to them she was a reject
But baby girl no longer cared
cuz she'd found what had been missing
Completeness filled her heart
since they day her and Kayla began kissin

Dedicated to My Sista's With Pride

She's Comin Out by EnspyreMe/PowetickJustis

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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