My Hip Hop Generation

by Laquita

My hip hop generation
Walks down the street
Bopping their heads
And two-steppin’
Throwin up hands
For what hood dey reppin’
Put up wrong signs and
Rivals pull weapons
I should kno becuz 
I lost my baby to
My hip hop generation
Rides in Cadillac devilles
’64 impalas wit 30 inch rims
Pushin da heavy petals with Tims
Showin off tires with creations that spin
Off to the side 
As if you really need fans
On 4 parts of your ride
Let’s get real
My hip hop generation
Pops their booties to Beyonce
Fellas hands in places 
I will not say
At school
Where my hip hop generation
Does not live
They jus give
Their teachers hard times 
Cuz all they wanna kno is
“where all da dimes”
That is, fine females 
For those of you not included
In my Hip hop generation
Which feeds off negativity
Shoot I’m lucky to have my real family live wit me
My hip hop generation are growing up
With out men in their lives
And statistics show where their daddies been going to die
I’ll take you there
On the backs of the bruised
Contained within my hip hop generation
Tainted with hatred
And painted with sin
As if they were a beautiful canvas
Auctioned off for some
White man to win
Who’s got the highest bid
For my hip hop generation
Who wants to buy into the shit being fed to my nation
My hip hop generation
My hip hop generation
My hip hop generation
It’s mine.

My Hip Hop Generation by EnspyreMe

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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