Southern Fried and Sexy

by BeautyFULL

Title: Southern Fried and Sexy

Small and slanted, chinky like she has some o' dat 
ol' asian blood runnin through her black veins.
Deep, dark brown mahogany
Ready to share emotions by the openness 
you can see whether they're wet with tears or bright bursting with joy.
Eyes that only she has.

Full and soft
Slightly parted at the seams ready to speak 
the free flowing thoughts from her mind 
that sometimes might be better kept inside.
Tempting and desirable to any young man with eyes 
makin' em wanna taste the peachy flava of the lips that only she has.

Thick and brown causing heads to turn when she walks around.
With the thickness of the beautiful horse or maybe pony, 
she harbors the ability to mesmerize 
with such shapely, curvy hips that are made for child-bearing.

Smooth and soft as ya baby's bottom the day the little bastard was born.
Cocoa brown, buttered chocolate
Contain all the secrets of the world through experiences 
experienced by her tough outside skin 
just so she'd feel comfortable in this "lite-brite" supremacy world.

This Girl...
You haven't figured it out yet?
She's yesterday's princess, tomorrows Queen, 
Today's girlfriend, ya sons teacher, 
the world's leader, her father's daughter, 
her mother's protege, her brothers heart, and sister's hero.

She's me
Southern Fried and Sexy

Southern Fried and Sexy by BeautyFULL

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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