Time is a Mother

Time is a Mother

by LaMesha L. Craft

In a quiet place,
I released the frowns upon my face,
I breathed deeply… Hahhhh … and found my pace
All set to close my eyes, and rest my mind
I heard it, first far away, in the distance
But with every cleansing breath it drew near


Something is coming towards me
I lean in … and listen
It's steady … yet determined
I squint at the silhouette from a distance
I can barely make it out … 


With an open mind, 
I prepare to receive,
I'm nervous, yet intrigued
Impatient, yet serene


She smiles and sits next to me
As our eyes meet, she sees my frustration
And before I begin, I contemplate hesitation
But, I'm annoyed and have somewhere to be!

"Hello Time, you're LATE!"
"I'm not late, I'm never late!" she teased
I just looked at her, my face said, "Chick PLEASE!"

Scoffing at me and rolling her eyes, 
She leaned towards me, motioning towards my heart

"Ohhh, so you think YOUR clock is right?
That it ticks and tocks by YOUR might?"

She continued …

"That this romance is happen chance?"
Shaking her head, 
Her eyes softened as she said …
"You're spending too much damn time wishing y'all met sooner."
"As if YOUR clock is as wise, as strong, and as durable as mine?!"

"Honey, PLEASE," she said, while laughing at me.

"MY clock provides the latitude, 
MY clock is responsible for that ‘feels good' mood …
By MY clock, you'll have the time of your life, 
Instead of worrying about things lining up right!"

She sighed, and continued …

"You see honey, 
You may plan the destination, 
BUT, you're not in charge of the flight." 

Placing her hand over mine, she advised …

"Your heart beats, flutters, and skips at the time it was destined
Don't you dare ruin my good rhythm,
Follow my tune, and love will survive love… 
There is no question!"

Time is a Mother by LaMesha L. Craft

© Copyright 2018. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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