by LadyRel

Ssssshhh daddy come a lil closer
when it comes to you im a straight push over
have a seat on the couch let me rub your shoulders
dim the lights a lil bit let me turn you over

im gonna slide down your frame
and stare into your eyes
let you feel intense heat from between my thighs
place my lips from your face
down to your chest

take a moment for a breath 
let you squeeze my breasts
feel my hair on your neck as you submerge in my stream
place your hands on my waist 
as I create your dreams

sssssshhhh baby
dont lose your breath
this is just the beginning
im not done yet
im gonna take the time to nibble on ya lips
placing chest to breast 
put a swivel in my hips

I hear you moan at my touch 
and its making me hot
whats that right there
I think I found your spot

ssssshhhhh sweetie
you feel so good
let me treat u the way a real woman should
I can taste the us on my tongue
mmmnn a perfect match
I place you deep inside for the final climax

sssshhh papi
you thought I was done 
in the height of this moment
is where I have my fun
I squeeze you tightly in a rhythmic motion
this is the point where my streams turn to oceans
im telling you sssssssshhhhhh
as tears drop your eyes
feeling your body tremble as it lays next to mine
slow and passionate kisses up my spine
all I hear is
baby one more time

sssshhh by LadyRel

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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