Fan Letter

by Lady Rel

This is a note from your number one fan. 
got you posted on my wall, 
my classified husband.
I wanna have your kids,
but donít know your back ground.  
take you back stage, and let u dick me down. 
Bend me over in front of an audience, 
take you to court and say you took this shit.
Donít get me wrong, 
I wanna show you love. 
requested your song when I went to the club.

Stood in line two hours, 
just for your ink on my page. 
Iíll be smobin in your hummer, 
your next video escapade.  
Iíll be the chick in the front 
swingin ass left to right. 
The one in the white mini,
with the thong trump tight.

If I could, I would get you in my bed tonight.
Number one nigga! 
You no thatís right.

You want a chick that can take you to the candy shop.
Iíll be  the one to go down and lick the lollipop.
Donít know me yet, but im comin for that number one spot.

Iíll be the wifey b4 your next album drops.
If not the wifey, ill settle 4 BM.
As long as you send that check,
they won't know it's your kid.

Iím that groupie ass chick, that wants to show you love.
Bought ya whole clothing line just because,
the liquor, the jewelry, the draws you make.
Your album went platinum, cause I made it that way.

Now your boo got you flossin and I wanna floss too.
Fattened up your pockets,
now it's my time to shine.
Bend down touch the toes,
you can hit it from behind.
Give me something I can feel,
give me all that u got.

Get that 10 karat ready cause i'm comin for my spot.
A down ass bitch, 
who can drop it like it's hot.

Number one!
Yeah I thought you knew.
Canít wait, for the day that my dream comes true.

Sincerely your number one fan.

Fan Letter by Lady Rel

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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