Definition of Real

by Lady Rel

Soft and breezy

mellow and deep

he entered my heart with a slow creep

sophisticatedly sexy
makes love without penetration
vibrations of his vocals 
sends  stress on vacation

even though  heís far away 
feels like heís next to me.
I tremble, with his arms wrapped around me mentally.

sensuality that cant be described
I can feel his soul when he looks in my eyes
possessed by his aura I walk in a daze

not quite purple but a indigo haze
a love like this one is reserved for gods
if he is the image
thereís no way it can  be forgot

I wear u on a chain around my neck
reminds me as ur woman to keep myself in check

never glance at another 
lust is no more

never thought Id say it
but Iíve become ur whore

u have pimped me into submission
cause ur vibe was real

showed me parts of a man all others chose to conceal
thank u isnít enough for the gratitude I feel

kiss the feet of the king u came to reveal
didnít think it could happen
my heart u did heal

love not just spoken
one I can feel.
The one the  only  definition of real.

Definition of Real by Lady Rel

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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