Just Like Candy

by LadyRel

If life is like a box of chocolates,

then niggas are like the filling inside.

never know if u like it, till u give it a try. 

might look good, 

and not be a treat. 

might be unappetizing, 

but tasty to eat. 

might look old and ashy, 

but turns out to be fresh .


what type of nigga do u like the best?

do u want him with nuts? or maybe with out.

do u like vanilla in his center?

or is chocolate what its all about?

are u looking for a mix? maybe swirl up the two.

what type of nigga would u make ur boo?

maybe something a lil fruity like a raspberry boy.

or maybe, island coconut like an almond joy.

Ill give u one thats above the rest, 

that hard toffee nigga, now hes the best.

hes got that milk chocolate on the outside.

with that caramel colored center.

got nuts intertwined, so u know hes still that nigga.

hes hard, but not so tough hell break ya teeth.

with just the right amount of sweetness,

gives u room to breath.

he may change his appearance, from time to time

but the inside of this one, is where he truly shines

through all weather and seasons, that toffee still remains

this is one brotha, with a stable type of brain,

Brings the sugar to your world no time for pain.

to much of a good thing could be bad.

the daddy of ya suga babies 

a love , one of which youve never had.

one addiction thats perfectly legal,

wont look for rehab.

no more living single


If brothas were candy id pick that one.

the confection of my affection.

soothes my sweet tooth.

my chocolate covered suga daddy, 

that represents the truth.

Just Like Candy by LadyRel

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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