The Blood in My Heart

by LadyRel

Straight gangsta!

do u know what that is?

Had a blood in my heart, don't know how he got in?

Like a thief in the night he captured my soul, 

like a drive by shooting straight TK'od.

Started smooth and slippery like sex on a summer's day.

Turned ruff and rugged like 24's scraping the pave. 

I found a blood in my heart ......dug my own grave.

Such sadness in his eyes, hatred and pain. 

I had a blood in my heart who became enslaved. 

Captured like a prisoner by his own murderous lies. 

Shackled to a P.O. for 3 to 5. 

I had a blood in my heart who said I kept him alive. 

Can a nigga who passed 10 yrs ago be revived?

fell head over heals for a straight thug from the south

shoulda listened to my momma, ya know word of mouth

Fell for a liar, a killa, a wanna be pimp.

a skinny lil nigga that walks wit a limp

A red bone playa, wit the rag to match.

A dead beat daddy wit 5 kids in the back.

A blood stole my heart can I get back?

mighta dropped somewhere, like the back of the Lac

or ya baby momma's house 

still hitten that?

wanted me to believe I was his world 

but he was straight addicted.......

addicted to girls

no rehab for that one

inhaling estrogen

the kinda buzz that intoxicates all men

straight over dosed 

but did it back to back

I couldn't survive repeated heart attacks

I said I dug my own grave 

so now im lying in it

you pulled a lick on my heart

Now ...........


U finished?

The Blood in My Heart by LadyRel

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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