My Almond Joy (Almond Eyed Boy)

by LadyRel

My almond Joy
Almond eyed boy
gave up my dreams just to be your toy
floating through the ecstasy that lye's in your smile
never met one quite like you 
with so much style.
When I speak on that I'm not talking about your dress
but the way you made love, had me clearly impressed.
That's how you got that name, my almond joy
painted that smile on my lips
almond eyed boy.
Energy so bright
erases clouds from blue skies.
Willingly drowning in those beautiful brown eyes.
I'm blushing with thoughts of you invading my mind.
Always in the forefront never behind.
How can I hate you when your making me smile?
Stare enthralled with the innocence of a child, 
smile is wicked just to balance things off.
hit a switch inside me and I couldn't turn it off
got me wide open my beautiful eyed boy
passion flaked with pain
though I still enjoyed
every hour
every minute
I spent in your world
hoping you'd fall for this almond eyed girl.
There's a beauty In my eyes that I want you to see.
A love that exists for more than just me, but for us
I'm on the cusp, of falling off
the pleasure ship I'm riding
waves roaring , rain soft
like the kisses on my skin I couldn't shake off
like tattoos once you get em you can't wash em  off.
And I'm gone once again on a voyage I didn't plan
struggling with the fact I can't make you my man.
But here I am 
sitting with a smile on my face
my almond joy
that almond eyed boy
just can't be replaced.

My Almond Joy (Almond Eyed Boy) by LadyRel

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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