For I am a Black Mother

by Ladi Jarmon

I have very high cheek bones, when I smile my cheeks softly presses into my deep almost black eyes

I have very long black coal hair, when the wind blows it feels like God is brushing my hair with blessing

I have very full lips, when I sing the spirituals, my lips create sounds of joy

I have the body of the number eight, curves are everywhere

When I walk down the street men are amazed at my perfect body

I have skin as smooth as silk when someone touch me they have to touch me again to see if I am real

I have golden brown skin when I go out into the sun, my skin shines as if it has been polished

I am a model of beauty, but don’t let the softness of my exterior fool you

I am as strong as any man or for that matter any men

I have supported this whole world for all my life

I raised many among many generations of children

I have cared for these children

I have let these children drink from my heart not knowing if I would be allowed to feed my own

I have broken my back to clean, where these children could  have a clean floor to play on, 

while on the other hand, my own children had to play tic tac toe on the dirt floor

I have washed thousands of windows not ever having one for my own 

I have been through it all and back through it again

I marched, I fought back, I escaped, I survived, and I overcame

I am strong body and mind

To do all these things was just a little test of my faith, 

of course I passed the test for it was simple…I did it all stride

For I am like no other

I am a Black Mother

For I Am A Black Mother by Ladi Jarmon

© Copyright 1993. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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