Trey Day

by Kiss of Mahogany

What would I say if I had the opportunity to meet Trey, was the question my bestfriend asked as we walked our block. My response was I'd simply like to talk about love, life, the pursuit of happiness, how he got into the business, why he's so attractive, what's his claim to fame, and certainly how I could get him to remember my name without ever having to get on my knees crying, begging, saying thank you, or please. I told my bestfriend it would be easy. I'd use a play on words, girl you've seen it you believe me.

She just laughed crazy in a fit saying, girl please inform me, take me thru this journey, let me know what it's gone be because you are a mess and yes I know you've got swag but this right here, you don't just have in the bag. Being my friend, I know your a trip and a half so I'll give you one minute to fold before your story is able to be told you be just like all the other girls saying "Hey Trey!" forgetting everything including your name.

I mean this was the girl who knew me best at least better than all the rest but she couldn't be right. You see, I had Trey in my sights and I just had to find a way to impress him, you know get thru this express line of women so I said friend, yes you know I've got swag and let me just say I never said I had this in the bag but, if I had to brag this should be my job so I should be professional and well Trey and I should sit and talk like confessional. This could be a therapy session of sorts. Resorting in friendship, family, and love besides, you know I'm something these men can't get enough of. I'm like Folgers coffee good ‘til the last drop, like a Tootsie roll pop the world may never know so, Trey and I would just sit down and flow, vibe, enjoy this spice called life.

My bestfriend just smiled, rolled her eyes, and said yeah right. You've got to do more than just flash a cute smile with dimples boo. Trey has thousands of girls, why should he remember you? Express line? Chick he has a conveyor belt and I'm sure he would want to talk more about you than himself. Now with that being said, your going to need to sit down and really use your head and think about what you would say to Trey, that is.

The next day my best friend and I talked, when she asked if I had sat down and thought about what my presentation would be. I told her I had nothing and that I could only be me. I said listen, the foundation would go a little something like this...

Excuse me, Mr. Songz please don't think I'm wrong but, I just have to ask for a moment of your time and if you don't mind me saying so, I know that time is money so honey, let me be thorough in my approach. Let me start by saying I don't have any alter egos, I haven't appeared in any videos or tv shows, and NOOOO I don't have a big, you know and now that we've made that clear let me just say I'm not here to be a groupie. I just want you to see the true me and understand that I do have a plan and yes it does involve you being seduced, eventually. So let me offer this clear view and not confuse for you what a real woman is, you see I would be the 1st to put in my bid and to be honest this is me at its best so please mark this in your mental roll-a-dex. I only want to describe the picture for you as I see it in my mind but I can only do this if you allow me a moment of your time.

A couple of days ago my bestfriend asked, what would I say if I had the opportunity to meet Trey and today is the day I get to share my fate.

Physically, I know I'm a one of a kind so when I die place two nickles over my eyes so that when I cross the River Styx I'd still be a dime. To be honest, my mental is sick and instead of using pick up lines I'd rather introduce you to my mind. Instead of having you massage my clit I'd rather you allow me to create a niche in your brain. The reality is I could drive you insane. You see, the game I play is one of words. I like prepositional phrases, adjectives, and verbs. This is just the beginning because words create thoughts, thoughts action, action leads to impact, impact generates chemistry, which involves a reaction some consider a drug and this does have side effects which include: mental erections, sublime injections, mental foreplay OH did I forget to mention an unrelenting motivation to ask me on a date. I'm just saying, it happens and like you sitting at the bar, me the bartender, you’re intoxicated and true to form I haven't wasted one word. Reality is, poetry gets me wetter than any CD but to make it clear I'm "READY" to allow you to see me. Mental orgasms is what I specialize in. Infact, I think is an upcoming trend. With that being said, I know I'm the picture of perfection. "How do you know?" you ask, because it's written all over your erection.

I pay attention. I know you love pretty faces, have an affinity for long hair, high heels, curves, and asses but Trey please don't forget your speaking to a woman with class and I sit front row, I get straight A's, I know GO HAM, SHIT IS TERRIBLE, and BONG BONG BILLAYare just a couple of your key phrases. So please believe me when I say, I would stop you without the money or the fame and I know all the ladies say "Hey Trey!" but honestly, I prefer Tremaine.

Trey Day by Kiss of Mahogany

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