The Top of The Surface: A Piece in Honor of AIDS Awareness

by Kiss of Mahogany

I was invited to you and you to me/
but something's not right for I' am blue and melancholy/
I mean I wanted your touch, caress and oh so sweet kiss/
Something was very wrong what did I know what did I miss?/
So, let me tell you a story of my people who came to be/
Those not so blue and melancholy as me/
Invaded by the kind of mind that reigns in high places
but stays in low spaces/
Our people of color speak to unattended others/
But reach out to communities with purity and hide
behind our eyes with lies/
Lies to ourselves and to our color/
We talk about AIDS and what's killing one another/
1 in 50 is the odds against us/
Prevention, reach, success, is what gets us/
So is it that we think with our sexual being?/
Because the fact remains that our people are dying and not living/
Confined to a community that inhabits miseducation
and the unawareness of society has named us mistaken/
Mistaken for fools of what is happening to our own/
and named "contaminated" for becoming
what I would like to call "disease prone"/
At the root of this matter lies an issue of purity/
Purity  as in clean, cleansed, not dirty, or filthy/
A discussion of sex needs to be brought up here/
Is it a matter of choice or being sexually and self aware?/
Aware of your partner, their partners, and beliefs/
or is it just a unprotected fling that will later be brief/
Brief as in don't call, don touch, don't wanna see you no mo'/
But think about this briefness will it leave you with a certain glow/
A glow that's not healthy, fit, or suit for you/
A glow that is a biological clock of when you death due/
Due to take  you out of this world Goodbye/
Can't call you, can't touch you, can't here you sigh/
So, at the end of this story I say think carefully/
Don't jump so quickly at a moment of pleasure that may last briefly/
At the beginning of this story you asked why I was blue/
Now the time has come why I must tell you/
A couple of years ago I watched a friend endure this journey/
and from what I saw she always seemed in a hurry/
A hurry to do the things she never did/
A hurry to complete what she considered unfinished/
At the end of the journey all was done/
What I had called "disease prone" had won/
In all truthfulness  this infection is taking us down and taking us  hard/
So in memory of her who died I say to you my people get right think smart/
The Top of the Surface

The Top of The Surface: A Piece in Honor of AIDS Awareness by Kiss of Mahogany

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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