Thoughts of Infatuation

by Kiss of Mahogany

1:42 am~
	   wondering thoughts of  him run through my mind
	   visions of him wanting me at this time
	   my thoughts are twisted as to what I should do
	   do I tend to my own  business or stick like glue
	   beads of sweat start to form in my hand
         erotic thoughts wondering about this taken man

2:21 am~
	   taken he is and taken am I 
         do I let it go or do I want to try
         you see he gave me this glance like he wanted me to 
         but thoughts of infatuations are pulling me though
         diggin me like im diggin you is tough 
         but playin this game of infatuation is even more ruff

2:58 am~
	    I stick to my guns and to yours you may stick also
	    but you and I both know that this game will have the last blow
	    who will win is the ultimate decision
          yours or mine is what I would envision
          beautiful she is and beautiful am I 
          so stick yo guns nigga this is gone be a fight
          not a fight of will, beauty, or grace
          but a fight of who you will deem to when the race
3:39 am~
	   I applaud your beautiful princess for she has chosen wisely
but now it is you turn black brotha, so think smart don't let her despise thee	
or me for that matter I offer no disrespect 
but your man may be prepping me for an upcoming test 
you see I have faced matters like this before 
so before I move forward the test he is prepping me for is to endure
endurance from the next man who brings his charm my way
endurance for the next woman who offers my man her  sway

4:00 am~
so lets not hold hard feelings thought of infatuation, I think you know  who you are
because your always close by never near or far
you are a beautiful black brotha and you make me smile with finesse
because of you my thought of infatuation I've moved on to new test
you were always on point never dropping a dime 
and holding your lady on a pedestal  so her light could shine
even though you probably never knew I knew she was yours
oh but watch out Neshia knows everything especially a man's favorite toy
never once did you disrespect her when dealing with me and never once did I disrespect mine or you because I have respect for she

4:14 am~
	  I am a beautiful black woman and that I am first
	  aways out and prepared for what may converse
	  never out to disrespect or tare down another 
	  and always to help and strengthen my black brotha
	  whether it be by test, talk, or tip
	  a young black brotha can learn a lot from me and that's the real deal
	  so black sistas strengthen your black brothas 
	  because you never know when they'll be facing the infatuation of another
        my experience was to help in any event
	  but another's maybe to destroy and make uncontent
	  now that Ive said my peace I must move on
	  am a beautiful black women and that I am first 
	  always out and prepared for what may converse

Thoughts of Infatuation by Kiss of Mahogany

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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