Seduction of Mahogany Skin

by Kiss of Mahogany

The slope of my back is curved to fit the shape of a man who embodies me. You know the real fine brothas who entice you to get you where they want you only to stare at you and watch you like they watch a woman sip a cool breeze of whip cream off a straw. A beautiful black color he is that fine brotha. Mahogany with a touch of brown sugar is sweet enough for me to taste or maybe not. Will a simple kiss tell? The warm caress of a brotha with his suede lips and soft caress moving across my hips is enough to ohh... well you know that fine brotha! My mahogany colored skin has glanced at him more that once feeling the passion, tasting the heat, warming to his erection, beaming at his arousal. You know the fine brothas who lead you to a river to let you taste their fine waters and to let there sweet lips taste yours. Its funny you know. My fine brotha is what many would consider a simple delight of life. Everything from the way he walks, to the way he talks is a steady rhythm that I can't seem to get out of my head. Fine Brotha, who are you and why does my back curve to your chocolate skin? I guess we'll just have to wait and see how you handle the seduction of mahogany colored skin.

Seduction of Mahogany Skin by Kiss of Mahogany

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