by Kiss of Mahogany

Tearing at the seams I watch you break every boundary I set up.
Tearing, pushing, pulling, loving the serenity Iím in 
as I melt in your mouth not in your hands or maybe thatís incorrect.
Because Iím shaken by your touch, words, caress, lick, passion, lust, 
conversation did I miss something?
Maybe I was just missing you or something of that nature. 
You got me scared to open my mind, eyes, lips, thighs, heart, hands, 
to your every interesting thought I linger.
Captivated in a mystique I canít control. 
I mean is this me, or is this really me being handled? 
Gripped? Stirred? Reserved? Wanting? Yearning? Needing You?
I love the way you listen, touch, talk, whisper, 
mutter, lick, smell, caress, mold me 
into something I have never been, never seen, or heard off.
Watching myself get wet, leaking the tendency to say no. 
So, instead I say yes, yes, yes, please more yes.
Body stretching craving saying Neshia donít give in not now not yet 
just breathe, breathe, breathe okay Iím breathing.
Losing sight of consciousness and all there is, 
is lips, lust, eyes, sheets, thighs clenching tighter, tighter, tighter,
 muscle contractions, a strong back, 
and this man looking at me as if heís waiting for me to reassure him.
But I canít see straight because all I see is lips 
and pretty pink tongue flicks surrounding my nipples 
and then, he kisses me and I think to myself, 
ďThereís no place like home. Thereís no place like home.Ē
In my mind I want to react by kissing, licking, 
feeling the warmth of his erection inside me 
surrounding me with cool calm collection but all there is, 
is this heat rising and my wetness leaking drip by drip, drop by drop.
It gets better because I know it's not me or him doing this conversation thing, 
this love jones thing, this observe and react thing itís a thing 
but I donít know what and right now I donít care.
I just know it feels good, really, really good 
and somehow I respond because heís got my eyes open, my hands open, 
my body open, my loving the moment open. 
How can something be so bad for you and all so good for you? 
I havenít figured that part out yet because Iím to busy being open. 

Open by Kiss of Mahogany

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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