Find Yourself

by KSS

They make it look so glamorous, 
on that show Cribs, and The Fabulous Life Of...
got us thinking we to can live that type
of life if we just put it in the hands of the man above.

The thing thatís sad about it all 
is that we to have come to believe, 
so before we pay our bills, 
we make sure we go and buy a 12 inch pack of weave.  

Nobody wants to be who they are, 
everybody wants to be like someone else, 
most people are barely making it check to check, 
but front like they were blessed with wealth. 

ďIt doesnít matter what my credit looks like 
as long as I have some 20 inch rims, 
donít need no food, donít need no house 
but I gotta have a brand new pair of Timbís.Ē  

I try to be me and keep it real
and it helped me to find myself.  

I took that ponytail out and laid that sucker on the shelf.  
Stopped getting those fake nails, 
stopped trying to be something I was not, 
either except me as I am, 
or kiss my a** as I drop it like itís hot.  

Find Yourself by KSS

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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