Poison Like Gin

by KS McNeil

 you raped me today

not physically

in an emotional way

you violated me 



your actions 

reveal you true character

my mind wrote the check

you cashed in the ignorance

forgetting about respect

for me 

for you

i can't be upset 

I say


for the mind games

you play

pretending to be my friend

it was all a means to end

type of folly you choose 

to use

if I had fallen for your lies

my state would be abused

i stand victorious

yet sad

mad with myself 

for being open

to be played like a book

by an emotional crook.

so by all means

to bag me up

and laugh

another notch on your staff

it never happen

so now you have nothing

to impart

to my mental

physical or heart

what happened to number two

or was that nursery rhyme

like the woman who lived in the shoe

a fallacy you create

to manipulate

my mind

so by

all means

continue to chill with you baby

someday maybe 

she will see 

the jerk you are 

just like me

holla this way again

from a afar

for today to me 

dead you are

for today to me 

dead you are

for today to me 

dead you are

Poison Like Gin by KS McNeil

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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