The Fall of Amerikka (Babylon)

by Komboa

"911’s A Joke"
(Dedicated to 9-11-01)

Planes falling out of the sky
The skies…
Crashing into buildings
Killing thousands of people
While the rest run and hide
And wonder why…

Why those had to die
In an act of "so-called"
Domestic or foreign…violence
Who knows but what I want to know
Is who the hell lied
Got the "people" all brain-washed
And sympathetic
Towards the harbingers of terrorism
Death and destruction

"this was act of war
Waged against the amerikkan people"
"terrorism will not be tolerated…"

But what about the 
Trans-Atlantic slave trade
Chattle slavery
One hundred years of lynchings
Rapes and murders
Desert storm
Desert shield
Desert fox
And Somalia

I’m pretty sure
All of the fallen panthers and b.l.a.
Don’t feel the same way
And what about the remaining natives
Of this land
What would they say if they were
Here today…
Land of the free
Home of the brave
One million two million
Three million Indians
Millions of dead Indians
And negroe slaves
You’ve left the planet
One big desolate waste land
With millions of indigenous

And I thought that r.s.p.
Was a crime
If I get caught with
Some of your stolen property
Wouldn’t I be doin’ time
And what about this land…
My country tis of thee
Sweet land of liberty
For which thee you sing
(is not this stolen property)
Land where my fathers died
Land of the pilgrims pride
From every mountain side
Where not a goddamn drop
Of freedom rings
And songs of redemption
What Robert Nesta Marley

And what about
All the bikini’s 
That were forced
To leave their island
So that you could manipulate
Protons neutrons
And electrons
Instilling terror
Into the people of 
Hiroshima and Nagasaki

And now that all of your world wars
Have ended
The world is warring with aids
And poverty

And what about all of your saints
Like Thomas
And Martin
After Columbus sailed
The ocean blue
In whatever 9 d 2
Leaving it all bloody
With the detached hymen
Of a once use-to-be

And now you’ve expecting the victims
Of your 500 years of
Yurugu oppression
To just turn the other cheek
While you continue to fuck ‘em
With your diseased
Two and three quarters
Of an inch albino prick
In your sado-masochistic
While you continue to be the
Submissive and willing slaves…
Oh yes massa

Now all of a sudden
Osama’s become your national
Whipping boy
Because you’ve run out of
Boys to whip
And Saddam Hussein’s on
A brief hiatus from your
Terrorist hit-list
Only because he treats his
People half as bad
As you only claim not to treat yours

And now that his "desert fox"
Can no longer "shield" himself
From your "desert storm"
His "black gold"
Is no longer a tea
Desired by the Texans

And now that reparations
For the trans-Atlantic slave trade
Is no longer a media
All because my nigga bill Clinton
Conveniently swept it beneath the rug
40 acres and a mule
Would be fool-hearted
For 40 million negroes in amerikkka
Because that would leave you
Land stealing culture bandits
With no place on this earth to live
And so you continue to mislead
Amerikka’s 40 million former
Chattle slaves
Into making osama bin laden
The star of this very own

Global gang-bang series…
Part two
After he helped your gang
To bang
The former soviet union in ‘89

And now that your two
Diseased pricks
Can no longer fuck over
The "world"
(‘cause ain’t nobody really 
"trading" anything anyway’)
And it looks like someone
Took a big ass bite out of your donut
(I guess pigs ain’t the only ones)
You wanna make us
Unwilling participants in your
Global genocidal scheme
To take the night
Out of the day
And the day
Out of the night

The Fall of Amerikka (Babylon) by Komboa

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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