Afrikan Princess

by Komboa

A full fledged Afrikan Queen
In the making
A relic of our Great Afrikan
You are our history
Embodied in the contemporary
You are Asante Waa
And Queen of the Nile
The whisper of our Ancestors
Is on your breath
As you speak age-old
Words of wisdom
To our wise-domes
As you teach

You are the creator of all life
You are the maker and keeper
Of our homes
You are the epitome of feminine beauty
And your beauty is
Unparalleled and 
Spanning that of a lifetime…

You continue to hold a throne
Unique and special
All on your own
You define the very meaning of struggle
From Hatshepsut 
And Nzinga
To Harriet
And Assata
You are a Warrior-Queen
And your body is the Great Pyramids
Of Geza
Mathematically structured beyond perfection
Lined with the mysteries
Of Hieroglyphic writings
Scribed in the age-old language
Of the Gods
Of which you are one
And from the waist down
You make perfect biological sense

Your eyes are the “All Seeing Eyes”
As the eyes are the “Windows”
To Ones Soul”
I can see the Souls of our Ancestors
In you…
Sable Madonna’s 
And Black Queens
You are Great
And have dominated history
Captivating the minds
And imaginations
Of the planets beings
You are time…

And your spirit is the mighty winds
That blow across the hot
Golden brown desert sands
Of Afrika
Brining with it 
Through time…
Our Great Afrikan Legacy
For you to teach 
Us to learn
And to carry on…

Afrikan Princess by Komboa

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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