by DinSekou

It's been many years since I've seen her. The then love of my life, my high school sweets. I wonder how she would look, how much she'd change? Would she recognize me? Would we profess our love? This woman made me lose control; and I never had her treats. I was so in love, that when we spoke, I would almost choke. It took a lot for me to stay calm; normally I'm a cool cat. There is just something about her that made me forget how to act. After all these years, we haven't spoke I can still picture her beauty, her face and shape. Even the way her hair draped her neck. I can't wait to see her; it will be the test right now I'm feeling at my best. So calm, like a cool cat don't know what it means, because back then it wasn't like that. Thoughts of her would make me perspire and I never had the courage to tell her she was my hearts desire. The time is approaching, what shall I wear; I'm such a mess. Look at my hair, how shall I dress, cleaners closing soon. Barber's already closed, just 2 hours before the banquet. It's about to start, me falling apart, "damn, that girl still got my heart." After all these years, I know, within things had to change. I have to step up my game, and make her forget why she came, and say my name.

I rush to the cleaners, to pick up my suit. There's not time to boot, and make sure to get some extra loot. For her it'll be a memorable night, for me a night to remember. I decide to try something new, a shaved head enough said, lie out the clothes; gray four-button suit, with a hint of red, red shirt, and a red and gray tie. With that suit and my new look, I feel so fly. Shave my face to a goatee, don't ask me why; grab my stacy's out of the closet; it's gon' be on and poppin'. Ain't no stoppin' me now. Showering my 6'6", 227-pound frame to remove the loose hair.

Now, I'm dressed and looking my best with no need for rest, almost ready to put her to the test. Just a drop of my cologne, and I'm gon'.

I felt like Pac when stepped into the place "All Eyes on Me". There was a vibe in the air, as I signed in scanning list. My boy was here early what a twist. I walk cross the room to get a drink. My boy told me how the ladies' were hawkin'. I said, "that's cool, but this tiger has a special prey he'll be stalkin." As I turn at the bar she walks in, stunning as usual in her brown skin. 5'7" about 165-pounds so she's thick, almond eyes, nice tits and hips, her dress was loose, but fittin' her shape fine.

I play'd it cool, this night she's mine, she WILL wake up in my arms. She found her girls and relaxed at the table. Others made the move, she even danced with a few, but I was humble in my approach. It must have been her song, because her face lit up as her and her girls made their approach to the dance floor.

I intervened "why don't you sit this one out, beautiful?" to which she replied, "you look familiar."

I responded, "it's me the guy you kept hypnotized for four years, Robert Gray."

"Bob, is that you? Time was on your side, you look marvelous," she said. I told myself, "Take it slow, she's waking up in your arms." We smile as I pulled out her chair; let me caught up with you. What's been going on in your life?

We chatted as her girls looked on in awe. They couldn't believe she sat through her song and not only that but we chatted for a half hour. Before we parted we promised to meet again. So I made my rounds chatting, dancing, and exchanging contact information to my surprise, a few people I didn't get along with were now my fraternity brothers. About 12:30 am my boys and me hook up shootin' the breeze, making future plans to travel together. They discussed the after party and I told them "I'm sittin' this one out I got plans remember ole girl Tamar Gillian? Well, we are hooking up a one." At first they were in disbelief, but we all were in shock when she stepped up at about 1:10. I guess time slipped away from me. I gave my boys a pound and went to retrieve our coats.

We chatted in the car and made our way to the "food house" a restaurant, which was a hanging spot after games. We got a corner table and chatted, giggled, and ate. The waitress came over and asked, "Are you having desert?" I look at Tam smiling and replied, "that's the plan." She blushed, and then I asked for the check. We left and headed for my room, and I had a brief relapse and didn't respond to Tami. She slapped my arm. "did you hear me?" I jumped, remember she's waking up in your arms. "I was just thinking about school," I replied.

As we entered the room, I asked "Dr Tam will you take my temperature?" she replied, "yes, professor as long as you explain your lesson plan." We removed our coats and as I reached to put the coats in the closet Tam walked up and hugged me from behind. Her tits were pressed in my back as I hung our coats in the closet. I was telling myself, "you got her just play it cool. Also, I was thinking how soft her tits were. I turned and give Tam a passionate kiss right there at the closet - the kiss seemed to last for five minutes. She's rubbing my back and I'm caressing Tam's butt. I lift her up and now we are on the chair, she's in my lap we are still kissing. Off with blouse, my shirt open, off with her bra, exposing two nice firm, perky melons. My shirts off revealing my chest and what use to be a six-pack. Still sexy though, now we are kissing each other's chest/breast. Her skirts up and pants are down, my manhood collides with her womanhood; we both let out a deep passionate moan.

I whispered "I wanted you since the day I first saw you."

She replies, "I know, but what took you so long? Be gentle, it's been awhile."

I pick Tam up as she is riding me, we are kissing, and I'm sucking her breast. We are pressing against the window, the sights are beautiful this time of night from the fifteenth floor. Now, we are on the balcony, naked, in the night air as we do it from behind with Tam looking over the balcony. I climax and apologize for the brief session, and she replied fifteen minutes was great for me.

We shower, and are at it again; missionary in the bed until we both pass out. We wake up to the sound of "housekeeping!" We cover, and say, "come back later", I was thinking what a great reunion and "she woke up in my arms."

Reunion by DinSekou

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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