Days of Procrastination pt i & ii

by D. Sekou

"Days of Procrastination pt i"
oneday there was a task which needed to be completed.
allday you tell yourself "i'll do it tomorrow."
tomorrow came, and you, said "it could be done anyday."
but you knew it should be done today.
everyday you give the same excuse, "i'll get to it someday"
when reminded of the task, you reply, "i thought i did it yesterday."

"Days of Procrastination pt ii"
anyday and someday can be used to procrastinate allday.
what should have been done yesterday or today.
but everyday you say yesterday wasn't good and neither is today.
and promise to get to it oneday or someday.
allday you procrastinate not realizing that anyday and today
are oneday and someday in disguise.
yesterday; you should've spent allday doing what could be done
anyday, oneday, or someday, because everyday is;
today, anyday, oneday, someday; allday, just not yesterday.
so stop procrastinating.

Days of Procrastination pt i & ii by D. Sekou

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