American Black

by D. Sekou

america black!
They say, you don't know how to act.
They say, you're confused.
But it's just, the american black has a short fuse;

From being battered and bruised.
The american black no longer sing the blues.

What is an american black?
Well, the name has changed over the years
Even amongst black peers.
The american black is the orphan child,
Of mother Africa and american slavery.

Once we where niggers;
Because the european first saw us on the niger river.
Then we were African, before we became cargo.
As the ship sailed, we transformed from cargo to slaves.
The roots were strong, so we lived on;
Being blacks to negroes to colored (for our many shades).
Back to negro to the informal afro-american,
To the more formal African-american.
Since we can only trace our roots to a continent,
And not a country (many have gotten this twisted).

Even though they think, we don't know how to act;
Here we stand as an american black.
We pack the gat
And push tha 'lac
Ready to attack.
Since throughout america's history,
We were never free.
It's time to show you, who we be?
Ready to fight and march on to victory!

American Black by D. Sekou

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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