by Samanthaknox

 We live our lives in a box, confined to the normality of the world, 
intimidated by what is unordinary or misconcieved, 
afraid of the consequences or repercusssions 
of our unduly actions by critic's stares. 
But it's time we ask ourselves what is normal? 
We come from a culture expecting us to engage 
in lifestyles that our not of our interest. 
To conform to the likeness of the elite or majority. 
Never able to remain neutral or stare clare of chaotic uproars, 
but forced to choose a side because we've been divided. 
Our forefathers preach about unity, peace, and diversity, 
but we as a mass divided, materialistic, lost culture 
has made the formulas of the great leaders of yesterday pointless. 
Instead, we embark on seperatism. 
It takes a crisis!

So I as youth reach out to a youth. You don't have to fall beckoned to the world.
If you stand as one you stand bold but if you stand as some you stand strong


I often sit

Dreaming, pondering, admiring
Social, financial
Or successful status
The speaker of assembly
A member of the house of representatives
President of the united states
Teacher, preacher
I must have a say so
My mouth isn't big for no reason!
Justice, peace, unity
You and me
My aspects goals and expectations of life
Sometimes are diminished 
By the thought of what the world can come to
Watching, seeing, observing
My people: 
Red, brown, yellow, white, and black faces hanging slumber
Eyes looking low 
Afraid of what could come about

I often sit

Saying, preaching, teaching
I'm only
One voice
One mind
One note
How can I aid an entire universe?
If millions of voices, minds, and notes
Won't stand to claim their life
Their style
Their will
Their victory

I often sit

Wishing, praying, meditating
on life, it's obstacles to come

I often sit

Wiping the tears.
Whispering with a faint sweet voice.
No more pain.
Why so much turmoil?
We stand united

Untitled by Samanthaknox

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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