Laugh Flip-side

by StarChild Marron Azul

Laugh whatever comes to mind, don’t try to force it
Master your dreams
Don’t be a slave for your dreams
Be the master of your dreams
Not the slave of your reality 
False, true by intention
Swept up in the present
A gift for here and now, 
Gone tomorrow, if not appreciated today.
Learning from your past, shall ease all of one’s emotions
Gaining new wisdom in the present 
Keeps you grounded
Applying that knowledge to the future.
Overseas the past and the present leaving you with wisdom for your future
Breaking free to a new beginning
Flying above all of the endings
Becoming a new spiritual being. 
Third eye open to, the Universe
Fully Venerable and naked
Exposed to the outer being
Being witnessed, outside of itself
Coming into its fullness, second child awakens
I am the living one 
I was dead and now, look
I am alive forever and ever
And hold the keys of death
Transcribe what is now, that may have a course later,
Determine the height from which you have fallen
that presented you from the things that made you laugh at first.

Laugh Flip-side by StarChild Marron Azul

© Copyright 2018. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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