Beast Meets Beauty

by StarChild Marron Azul

Powerful people, beauty out of your beast
He was Handsome but beautiful, he was a King
Knockout for all the Queens to see Drunken in spirit
Being that I am the beast
I see him as the beauty
No one like him, no one like him
What a beauty to behold us
Being together
His reflection is my reflection and mines his
Lost for words, with no doubt
Dreaming about
Hour after hour, minute after minute
I no longer Question this Emperors direction 
I just accept my blessing 
Hot as a Nyabinghi judgment fire
His essence brings warmth and desire
Making the connection and incoming reception from a call within
My dark passenger taking control, shedding light my twin
Realizing that his beauty lies in
His beast and his beast is beautiful
The only delusion was the separation of the two
Beauty was him pretending, the beast is who he is by nature
Adaptable in the spotlight but his dark side is where he feels most comfortable
He was getting caught up in being so positive all the time
That it was starting to have a negative effect on in realities
Taking off the mask of beauty and staring at the beast in the mirror
Being, seeing and excepting all his self
For there is no separation 
One cannot simply exist without the other
The sacred marriage, union polarities and Ying and Yang properties
The twin flame, the eye of the beholder
Beauty meets the Beast

Beast Meets Beauty by StarChild Marron Azul

© Copyright 2018. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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