Birthday Wish for You

by Kenni

Hey Baby this birthday wish is just for you!

You could never recognize the black queen
that stood right before your face.
Because of this all memories of me can now be erased.
A woman like me you will never replace.
Time is of the essence and for me not a waste.
I have been sitting around way to long
listening to the radio play my sad love song
of a broken heart.

Waiting, anticipating your phone call
It was easy for you to please me
or rather easy for you to tease me.
Remember the time you told me happiness was looking me in the face
and without a trace that happiness was erased and replaced with
empty words an broken promises that penetrated my heart.

It hard to be in two places at one time
confusing her face with mine.
Saying you want to be with me 
as you probe my mind to see where my head is at.
This was all messed up an way out of wack
 Until I smacked myself back into reality.

Remembering  you once said "love is not a game!"
But why was I burden with shame
because I could not share my love with you
Many nights suppressing my pain
for a few hours of pleasure that was no treasure for me

See I woke up an can now see what is true
You are no longer going to play me for a fool
If love is a game we"ll play by my rules.
What you couldn't see was love was looking you right in the face!

Birthday Wish for You by Kenni

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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