They Say...

by Keke Evans

They say that you melt smooth like hot butter and honey on toast,
that all your nothings whispered in random ears 
lead to somethings and to morning afters
and that your cafe au lait is all sugar baby,
Cuz a cup of you has got to be....sweet.

See, I heard about how you walk with the suggestive stealth 
of a lion seeking the hunt.
Every woman is your prey, 
and you duly capture broken hearts and ignite them with desire...

Yep, I heard your smile was enough to make the day jealous, 
makes her toss her sunshine hair in defiance,
But her long locks flowing over your superb skin 
only makes you look even better.

Uh, huh.
Heard all about it.
But I ain't phased.
See I'm pretty damn fly myself.
Have you heard about my raven locks,
It's like night gave me her crown, 
and I wear her stars in my eyes,
And I walk like I own the earth,
Swinging my hips from east to west,
Waking up the gods from their slumber and 
they watch me go about my way...

Yeah, I heard about you.
But, have you heard about my buttery brown skin 
that is kissed by Ra himself
And softer than touch of flowers?

Hmmm...I guess not.
Well, they say that no one can resist you.
But baby, can you resist me?

They Say... by Keke Evans

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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