La Femme Noir

by KeKe Evans

Your ebony eyes/Are like sunrises/and the lips/that lace/a thousand
kisses/can be the tool/which loosed a thousand ships/Helen's war means
nothing if/In your likeness/She is dismissed/How can they say/Her heavenly
looks hold sway/When it is your smile/That lights the jealous day.//Blessed
dusky rose/Don your crown/For it was you/Who humbled the powerful Marc
Anthony/And raised the nile/Dare not defile/Your wondrous image/With blonde
haired/Blue-eyed lies/There is no chemical/that can better your incomparable
beauty/and there is no lense/that can capture/the beauty in thine eyes/And
there is no history/That can erase your past/Was it not with thine burnished
hands/the pyramids of Axum/Were raised to stand/I hear your battle
cries/Across the Serenghetti plains/As you, night kissed warrior/Went to
fight/Your birthing pains/created many nations/Beneath your tutelage/ It was
your daughter Asantewa/Who stood against thousand of British souls/As they
marched/To rip your children/From the veins of Africa//Most beautous one/The
time has come to know thyself/Your blood flows/Through all races/Through all
peoples/Lands and places/They try/To line/and define/and criminalize
you/They say whore/they say bitch/They say dirty little trick/They forget/
The memories of your womb/ Invoking strength/Like the ancient god Ogun/Know
thyself/ And claim the path of your ancients/You are
mother/warrior/goddess/They seek to hide/Your eyes/With lies/So you can't
realize/Your potential/Exponential/And detrimental/to this system of
oppression.//Beauty is in your many shades of night/Your face is like none
other/And your spirit is interminable/Unstoppable/and free.

La Femme Noir by KeKe Evans

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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