He Sent Me The Blues

by Katina McRae

The arrangement came
And I was puzzled
I neva knew roses
Came in that color.
Maybe it’s something new I thought
Attached was a Card that stated
“The Blues”
 on the outsides cover
And on the inside it read as followed
Baby, That single Red Rose I sent u last week Means I love you
That one dozen u received from me on Monday 
implies that you have giving me the courage to
Accept love and the passion to respect it
However, these you receive today 
represent the times that I will hurt U
These represent the times 
when u will ponder the thought that the love you have for  
Me Is all in vain
And since I neva want to intentionally cause U any pain
Because I do truly love U 
And need u like the earth needs the rain 
The reality is 
Where there is Love there will be Pain 
And the reality is that I am human and 
I am bound to make these mistakes 
Here are my insecurities
Here are my issues 
Here’s my potentially wandering eye
My no show’s / my forgetting to call 
My lack of communicating my feelings 
That might keep u up late pacing the floor 
Bunch together in a vase filled with my tears
The fear of losing u and not addressing them now 
would later drive me mentally insane
So, among this vibrant arrangement 
of Pinks Yellows Whites and Oranges 
There Will Be An Occasionally Set Of Blues From Me To You.

He Sent Me The Blues by Katina McRae

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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