Puppet Master

by Katina McRae

When you ask me to come
I run to your side
Willing to dance for you in the rain 
wearing nothing but stilettos and a G-string 
What eva it takes to keep you
Pulling on the fiber of my being
I seem to neva be enough to keep 
Your attention so eventually 
when you become silent with me
I know itís my cue to go away
Time after time I left the door cracked 
behind me optimistic
You would run after me and beg me not to leave
But you Neva do.
Why should you?
Why should a puppet master concern himself about his plaything?
To him Iím just a collectable
A toy to amuse himself on occasion
then tossed aside 
when I have satisfied his self-serving needs
The truth is 
You are my puppet master
And itís unfortunate for me
That I've denied that truth for so long
It took me a moment to comprehend
That you seek my company
As comforting convince,
As a loneliness curb
For many months I have be auditioning for
Apart I will neva get
I have been a puppet for you master
But tomorrow my pride may persuade me to leave
My broken heart ajar in the door
Attached by a string

Puppet Master by Katina McRae

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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