Off Key

by Katina McRae

You make me sing off Key
To the beat of the pouring rain
With my soul parked alongside the windowpane
You make me write Poetry u my stanza/ haiku /my words against a Mic!
You are The verbs I speak in my dreams
 The simplest thought of you makes my tongue flow with ease
You are the Lyrics the births the voice/ 
that pleases the ears/ While generating the chorus.
You are the Hook causes Ií am Hooked!
On what U do / when do /how u grew from being a friend to being a Lover
To being my   Strong Black Man
You give me memories and centuries of internal prosperity
That fuzzy warm stuff that lives between yesterday dreams and tomorrow hopes
U My life line/ my history/ my energy you are more intense than labor Ö..
You show me insight that evolves me all threw the day
still ova running tucking me in at the peek of the night
Waking me at dawn to make Love rain and  transfer brain waves
Give me more give me more of your
Attention and Iíll give u my attention while u make my lap your
Bench rest .Do rest Do Rest
So u can have the strength to undress and stimulate my mind
Cause U makes me sing Off Key
To the beat of the pouring rain 
  And I am pleased to be your  butterscotch angel
To guard your heart while simultaneously intrigue your  mind 
and comforting your soul
only u know how to make me  softly scream baby please baby please
Without  bending my wings breaking my  hopes or destroying my dreams
So I respect u Cause u respect me 
And the way 
You make me sing off key
Promoting the writer in me
Loving me deeper than infinity 
Deeper than the history of my last name 
U love me deeper than a southern river 
streaming down the outskirts of Mississippi
Deeper that the crater in the center of the earth
You called me your Queen
And even if we donít leave this world together 
our soul with be weaved together eternally
 Cause You gave me your word which is enough to seal our love symbolically! 
You let me be the one to make U sing off key
With your warm breath cradled on the curves of my thighs

Off Key by Katina McRae

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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