by Katina M. McRae

If U were a Poem
I would write /type / then recite U
Ova and Ova again
If U were a light switch I Would turn U on all the time
If U were love I would place myself 
Directly on top of your foundation
So, I could emulate U Indefinitely
If U were Music I would need to feel U whispering in my ear
If U were morals I would slip U on
If U were a cup of coffee, I would prefer U Black
If U were perfection
I would strive to be the closest thing to U  
If U were the night 
I would wanna be the darkness U dwell in 
If U were a out of body experience
I would want to have U at least once 
Maybe twice a week 
If U where Life 
I would live U peacefully to the fullest
And spiritually to the highest
If U were knowledge
I would let U occupy my mind 
If I promise to shelter U from pain
Would U make me your refuge?
If U where a Mic 
I would neva have stage fright
If I could rearrange the alphabet
I would put U 1st 
If U w ere Time I wouldn’t waste U
If U were a lyrical flow 
I would wanna feel your vibe 
If U were a slice of inspiration, 
Yet my mental stimulation 
I would have to express U 
If U were the object of my affection 
As soon As we made eye contact
U would know 
If I were bless to have U 
As my 2 full Lips, I would lick U 
Because I wrote / typed then recited 
This piece with the thought of U 
Imprinted in my brain 
If loving U is addictive 
Then I am gonna have a habit 

If by Katina M. McRae

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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