Colored Beautifully

by Katina McRae

Shades Of Ebony Is all I see
Starting down at what My Heritage My Ancestors
Bestowed upon Me
Russet Bronze Tone, Brown and Enchanted
I Be
Colored Beautifully
Soulful Sista
Chased by the Sun
And it captures Me
My Presence my natural Essence
Like an Artist Captures a Scenic Scene
It fabricate a Earth tone Canvas off of me, 
Thee shaded Prodigy
An array of colors that canít be bottled
Or artificially received
I Be
Colored Beautifully
Radiant and Proud of the Kisses
The sun Leaves on my Outside Fun
Nothing can weigh my self-confidence down.
 I have too Much! I have Tons!
I am a Love Child From the Earth and the  Sun
Pecan Daughter, Mocha descendant, Coffee Mother, Soulful Sista
Spiritually And Mentally Free
Tanning Naturally
Holding my head High
Proud like I should be!
Thanking God for creating Me in his Image
I Be
Colored Beautifully
Majestically designed 
Marvelous tinted from My Cranium to My Toes
Who knows my Great Great Grandma
Couldíve Be Name Queen!
I sense it deep down in My Soul
History one may say!
But, as I stare down at me, 
all I see is my Great Great Grandmotherís
Russet Bronze Tones 
That left me Brown and Enchanted
Colored Beautifully is who I Be

Colored Beautifully by Katina McRae

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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