Let's Be Done!

by Katina McRae

Let just do it 
Letís just do what we feel 
Letís not even think it over 
Letís not analyze why 
U want to
           I want to 
Letís not try to Logically Reason why we need to intertwine our being
Letís not prepare for it 
                 Spontaneity should take us

Emotions ought to control us

Letís reincarnate ďLoveĒ 
Letís take it fast and make it slow
Letís live in the moment of uncertainty
Letís just go with the flow 
Nothing is promise but right now 
U can be my days /weeks/months and years
Letís Be realistic and know we will shed some Tears
Letís make babies to populate our family Tree
Letís Just Be!
Letís just give what we got 
U educate me your way and I educate you my way
Letís combined mines and dedicated our Souls
Letís leave our past in its proper place 
On the Healing of Oneís History shelf 
Letís not second-guess, if this is how it should be 
Letís just call it what it is 
If it rises like the Sun, it is the Sun

Letís Just 
Letís Just 
             Letís Just
Do It!
Letís just Love
And be done !!!!!!!!

Let's Be Done! by Katina McRae

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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