Only If...

by Kaci Watkins

How could you do this?
break another promise
the one that hurt the most
will never be forgotten.
You held me in your arms
told me everything would be okay
promised that you loved me 
and to prove it someday.

But after a while things started to change
this thing you called love
was only causing pain.
At first it was mental
making me believe this was all my fault,
soon it became emotional
and i knew my life was falling apart.

But then one night
in a drunken rage
you threw me on the bed
and put your hand over my face.
You took off my clothes
and i started to cry,
you said "one more tear
and your gonna die!" 
I knew i had to stop
and try to keep myself together
tell myself it would be over soon
and everything would be better.

After you were done
you walked out of the room,
you said "I'll be right back,
it'll all be over soon."
I thought it was over
and everything was fine
until i looked in the mirror
and saw the reflection of a knife
I turned and tried to run
but there wasn't enough time
he grabbed the back of my neck
and stabbed the blade into my spine.
I fell to the floor 
my body went numb
but even after all this
i knew he wasn't done.

He rolled me over
and got on top
he stabbed me seven more times
until he hit the right spot
My mind was racing
my body was cold
but i couldn't help but think 
what if i would've told?

Only If... by Kaci Watkins

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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