One Man Billboard

by K2

Incoherent, unintelligible, indistinguishable, unknown soldiers

Fighting absent-mindedly for these incorporated, conglomerated, warmongers

Merchandising for heartless, unsympathetic, clothes dealers who peddle their wares

Ask your self, when it comes to you, does any of them care? 

F.U.B.U. used to mean for us by us, 
That is not the case now, 
it's “we’re no longer owned by blacks so you can trust us”

And even before this degrading incident
This clothing line,as far as the “us” went,  
wasn't affordable to people of color numbering over 68 percent

So realistically, they should be named B.U.F.U. 
(buy us, f**k you)

Black people spending money on clothes by “Tommy Hilfiger” 
A man that reportedly dislikes us “NIGGERS”

Or are we supposed to roc “Nautica”
When our nation’s blood is what made this ship’s name popular

Masses of our youth are being hustled and slain
As they long to become human ad campaigns

It’s not enough to roc the shoes
I have to have on this other man’s underwear too.

I also wear the shirt, pants, belt, coat, socks, bodywash, deodorant, and cologne 
And ultimately become just another Name brand clone.

Why does it feel like Macy’s is your Home?
Will the owners of these companies be at your funeral when God calls you home?
Worry about comfort and try not to be this or that corporations clone

Be you, not someone or something else; 
live outside of this unrewarding vanity
It’s okay if you can’t afford the clothes 
that are being constantly rocked by people like Puffy

Guess what, he gets most of them free
And he can still afford to by 3 Lamborghinis

We need not kill each other over some Jordan’s
Cause, no matter how you put it, even he is still just a man

Lastly, does the clothing make the man?
When he doesn’t subscribe to these popular name brands

When will we wake up and see
That in order for them to make a profit, our children, they must deceive.

Please black people wake up from your sleep
And tear apart this society that’s turning our children into sheep.

One Man Billboard by K2

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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