by Jusluv

We spend hours on the phone talking of any and everything.
My favorite color, you ask, what is it?
My dreams and aspirations, your inquiring mind wants to know.
We speak of past lives, and your past wives.
From heartbreak to heartburn we share ourselves.
A blossom of confidence develops,
as you become my confidant and I become yours.
How is it that we connect so well, you and I?
We have never met but I find myself trusting you implicitly
with secrets that Iíd only tell my closest friend.
Slowly but surely we are becoming.

I am open and honest with you.
I tell you of my struggles, with a love that is far away.
One day itís on and the next week itís off.
Should I go or stay?
You listen with patience saying that youíd never intrude.
You hope the best for me and tell me that one day
Iíll find what I deserve.

See me?
In person you want us to meet.
I am shy and coy yet sassy and confident.
Handle my seductive smile or my suggestive body,
I donít know that you can.
I come with a disclaimer: Caution, I can be habit forming.
Your laughter, I have grown to know so well as it rings in my ears.
You deny any stake in the entity that is my heart.
We will always be friends.
Yes, friends.

A quiet table in the back and I am just a little late,
our eyes meet briefly.
Is it you?
A smile of recognition and we warmly embrace.
How are you?
Great to see you, arenít you a sexy thing.
Full of conversation just as vibrant as always is our exchange.
I catch you looking at me, through me and a warning goes off in my head.
A silent prayer goes up to my Lord; please donít let this happen.
I want to enjoy us being friends.
Is there such a thing as friends?

Weeks will pass and my love is back in bloom.
I am so animated with chatter that I scarcely notice your growing silence.
Is something wrong?
Immediately I jump to concern.
Are you ok?
Your answers are abrupt and without passion.
Overnight it seems that hours of talk
have changed to minutes stolen over the period of weeks.
I ponder the mystery of where things went wrong.
How did I offend you?
What happened to my friend?
Are we still friends?

The excitement to hear from me has faded
to disinterest and conversation flails.
The silence burns the line as we grope for words to say.
Enthusiasm is forced and the tide has changed.
How is he you ask, somewhere shortly after hello.
Is that attitude I detect?
A confirmation from me that all is well and suddenly you have to go.
Damn I am missing my friend.
What happened to friends?

Did you fall for me after you said you wouldnít?
I warned you and you swore it would not happen.
After all you understood my situation you said.
You wanted what was best for me and I for you.
The difference is that I meant it.
You lied to me.
We could be friends until your agenda changed is what you should have said.
You wanted more, but you were building on deceit; a friendship lie.
You wanted the best for me, as long as that meant you.
I am saddened to realize the charade.
After all I thought we were friends.
I could have used a friend.

Friends by Jusluv

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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