John Hughes

John Hughes never intended to be a writer. It was something that happened in 2000. Struck by changes in his personal life and moved by the lives of others who were suffering, he felt the best way to express himself was to write. Writing became cathartic and was a vehicle for communicating what was going on inside him through the prism of the triumphs and failings of fictional characters. The particular constructs of joy and pain, love and loss and darkness giving over to light served as a theme in that it served to reveal to the reader the triumphs and failings of people and society via social commentary and romance of characters whose stories are untold.

Be they the homeless, prostitutes, poor rural folk, Coloured South Africans gripped in the struggle against Apartheid, all of the characters are people otherwise trying to navigate life. All of the characters regardless of their station in life have value. Most of all, Hughes attempts to educate through entertainment and give comfort in the process.

Hughes is very active in church and God is an intense influence in his life, just as the fleshly pleasures of this world are. Often in conflict, theses forces lend to the controversies of his literary works, a reflection of life in general. Many of the trappings of success are just that, trappings and limit all that living has to offer. Life can be harsh and painful but one must see the beauty of it.

He has worked with various tutorial groups and homelessness outreach organizations in the Washington DC area. He is an actively involved in politics as well. He is twice divorced and has an adult son.

You can contact Mr. Hughes via e-mail at or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

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