A Love Unknown

by Joe Dill

Internal Struggle
Living life on the bubble
Ever since a child
She's been taking care of herself
Government Agencies
Welfare living
A house in the ghetto is a step up
From project living
At age thirteen
Sex popped up on her scene
No father at home
For a man's love she longed
Everynight a different man
Really didn't know what she was looking for
Abusive mother
Calling God's creation a whore
All she needed was a little guidance
No one ever taught her about the man up above
So everyday she woke up
She missed out on all types of love
Let men take her most precious innocence
Tell her they meant love
Only thirteen, she didn't know what love was made of
She's gaining weight
Doctor tells her she's pregnant
The creator is sending her a message
But if she doesn't know who the creator is
How will she know what the message is?
Nine months go by
A ray of sunshine comes out
Still lost in the world
How is a baby, supposed to raise a baby girl
If only someone was there to tell her
That baby has much more meaning than she knows
How it would be a joy
To watch that ray of sunshine grow
Her mind is bombarded with all types of thoughts
How could the man that meant love
Sell the the baby milk she bought
Everynight she feels alone
She grabs little Hope
Rocks back and forth in a chair
Hums a sound so mellow
If only somebody could see her internal struggle
The man that meant love
Said if she didn't have the baby he would still be around
A hour late
There was a hammer banging sound
The paramedics rushing frantically to the hospital
Now little Hope has to grow up
With an internal struggle

A Love Unknown by Joe Dill

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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